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JIHAD IN THAILAND: Muslim nurses flash victory sign in front of slain bomb squad officer

The jihad in Thailand is brutal, vicious, relentless, and yet we hear nothing in the media. Soft targets are their specialty. Schools, banks. automated teller machines (ATMs) …….. thousands slaughtered. And these nurses are giving a victory sign. Moderates unmasked.

Hi Pamela from Chai
Two Muslim nurses had their photo taken flashing the ‘V for Victory’ sign over a just deceased bomb squad police officer. Police Sergeant Nimit Deewong had just died in the intensive care room of Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital where he had been taken with grievous injuries sustained in a Muslim bomb attack.
The Sergeant was one of three bomb squad police officers murdered last Monday by Muslim terrorists who had set a trap for bomb squad officers.
The nurses’ celebration of the police officer’s death at the hands of Muslim terrorists raises very legitimate questions about whether the Muslim hospital staff really tried to save the Buddhist officer’s life. It even raises questions about whether any Muslim staff member did anything overt to end the officer’s life.
As everywhere, Muslim terrorists cannot operate on a long-term basis without the support of their co-religionists who support the terrorists’ families, and provide money, weapons, equipment, shelter and information to support terror attacks.
Why aren’t more Muslim terrorists identified and turned in by the Muslim community?
The nurses’ behaviour illustrates one of the reasons.
Nurses flash victory sign in front of slain bomb squad officer  Bangkok Post,  30 Oct 2013 Thanks to Chai)
Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital publicly apologised on Wednesday after a photograph of two of its nurses flashing a victory sign in front of a slain bomb squad officer circulated on the internet.
Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital staff apologise to the public after a photo of its nurses acting ‘inappropriately’ circulated on the social media.
The two nurses flashed the two-finger victory sign as they posed for a photo in front of the body of Pol Sgt Nimit Deewong, who was in the hospital’s intensive care room.
The 35-year-old sergeant was one of the three bomb squad members killed by an explosion while examining another bomb planted in a hole beside Phetkasem Road in Narathiwat on Monday morning.
The photo was widely shared on social media. Many web board posters criticised the nurses for lack of professional ethics and for their inappropriate action.
The hospital made its apology in a letter made public. it said:
1. The photo was shared on the Line communication app and the incident did occur in Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital.
2. An initial investigation found the nurses were guilty of professional misconduct but were not aware of the situation. However, there was no other agenda.
3. All hospital staff working at that time were determined and committed to their work.

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