Mc-WHAT-THE-HELL: Would you eat a McRib after seeing this?

Published on November 13, 2013

Just weeks after it was reintroduced to the U.S. menu at McDonald’s, raw footage of the McRib has been circulating on the internet.

A picture of the frozen, ribbed pork patties before they were covered in barbecue sauce and served up with pickles and onions was posted online by an anonymous worker.

The photo quickly went viral, with fans of the classic 1980s menu option divided over whether it would ruin their appetite.

A feeding frenzy of comments began moments after the photo, believed to have been taken in Canada, was posted on Reddit, according to the Huffington Post.

It was ‘upvoted’ more than 10,000 times but while some made jokes about the ribbed offering, other commentators were more bothered by the restaurant worker touching the food with bare hands.

For diehard fans of the rarely available menu option, being sold for a limited time in Canada and the U.S, seeing a frozen McRib failed to ruin their appetite.

One fan said: ‘Honestly, it looks better than I would have expected. Pretty good production standards,’ according to

It hit the UK menu in 2002 as part of the McChoice range but was later removed and, according to McDonalds, is unlikely to return any time soon.

The McRib has become something of a legend for its on-and-off appearances on McDonald’s menus.

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