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MISS ME YET?: George W. Bush Presents Jay Leno With the Comic’s Life-Like Portrait on The Tonight Show

Former President George W. Bush returned to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday night to talk about his life away from the spotlight and bid farewell to his favorite late-night host.

Looking trim in a grey suit and red polka-dot die, a beaming Mr Bush, 67, told Mr Leno, who is being replaced by Jimmy Fallon in February, that he wanted to see him before he heads ‘out to pasture.’

Since leaving office in 2009, Mr Bush has kept a low profile and has been reluctant to publicly discuss the policies of his successor, President Barack Obama.

During Tuesday’s interview on The Tonight Show, Mr Bush reiterated his position, saying that it is not good for the country when a former president criticizes the decisions of his successor.

However, the Republican could not pass up on the opportunity to get in a gentle jab at Mr Obama, a Democrat.

When Mr Leno pointed out that nowadays, late-night comedians are busy making fun of the embattled president, Bush said with a chuckle: ‘Better him than me.’

The 43rd president of the United States went on to explain that he does not miss being at the helm of the nation, adding that ‘eight years is plenty.’ 

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