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MUST SEE: Sports Balls Replaced With Cats


Cat Out of Water

Somehow we doubt that cat was willing to get into this pool. We hope she was able to throw him without his claws digging deep into her arm! Bet she learned her lesson the hard way that day.


So Many Questions

Well, this is definitely one of those shots that leaves you with a lot of questions. Is the opposing teammate trying to help him? Why is he grabbing his clothes like that? Why does the dude in the background run like Forrest Gump? Our only reasonable explanation is that this dude is in so much pain because that cat just scratched the crap out of his leg and his teammate back there is trying to impersonate his favorite movie character to make him feel better.


Got it!

To be honest, one of the last things we noticed about this photo was the cat. This guy is about to eat grass so hard, someone should probably Google to see if he broke his face that day. At any rate, at least he caught that cat!


Reach For the Stars

This was probably like one of those Lion King moments where they hold the new baby overhead. The only problem is that there seems to be some kind of height requirement if you want to dedicate your new cat baby to the sky. We’re not sure he made it but man that cat looks cute!


The Great Lebron Dunk

We’ll admit, it is a rather impressive feat, especially if the kitty didn’t get his claws stuck in the net. We’re sure that now that cat could sell on eBay for a few thousand dollars so what if some may view this as “animal cruelty”, it was really a service to the owners of this cat! Just look at these charitable team players, Evan Turner of the Sixers didn’t even try to stand in the way of it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.31.57 AM

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