NAKED GIRLS: Truck driver surfing Facebook for hot girls crashes into police car, killing cop

Published on November 1, 2013

A truck driver was using his phone to look at pictures of women on Facebook when he crashed into three police cars and two police trucks, killing a police officer.

The whole incident was captured on the driver’s dashcam and shows the heartstopping moment Jorge Espinoza ploughs into the emergency vehicles at 65mph on an Arizona interstate.

Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Tim Huffman was killed in the May 6 wreck on eastbound Interstate 8 in Yuma County, the Arizona Star reports.

Espinoza has been charged with second-degree murder.

The investigation was made public today and shows Espinoza was driving at 65 mph with the cruise control on along the straight carriageway.

At the start of the video, Espinoza has his face obscured by a wallet on the dashboard but the truck’s other camera, pointed at the road, shows the danger looming up in front of him.

His Samsung Galaxy 3 phone flies out of his hand as the truck smashes into the first police car before bouncing off and hitting the other vehicles.Six vehicles, including the truck and trailer, were destroyed by the impact.

Espinoza originally told police he he didn’t see the police cars because he was looking in his mirror at a passing truck. He also said he never uses his phone while driving because it is against company policy.

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