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Obama Presidency Now Featuring ‘Abuser in Chief’

There was a time we respected our Presidents for the most part. They in turn served the public interest, at least to some extent.  Kids saw Presidents as heroes at one time.  Presidents generally sought to be unifying forces, promoting traditional American values including respect for the God of love, the flag, and the Constitution.  That was before Presidents started behaving like abusive husbands, thugs and merchants of immorality.

Presently, the point is well made considering the debacle known as ObamaCare.  So far, the law is accomplishing the exact opposite of everything promised: all the lies clearly revealed — higher premiums, higher deductibles, preferred policies canceled.   Instead of promised kisses, people are receiving punches. Instead of coverage and care, we get slaps and spin.  The Abuser in Chief and his operatives keep promising it will never happen again, replete with apology after apology, but next day, same old story: more abuses as they steal our money and use it to fund abortion.

Like an abusive husband this president smiles and speaks affections, but when the sun goes down, the beatings continue.  The American people have been deceived and manipulated from the very first day.

He told us we should be ashamed of self-defense, that our own military is the enemy, Jihad is nothing to fear. Enemies were accommodated, funded, encouraged.  And look what his policies accomplished: losses and setbacks no matter where you look — Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Gaza, throughout North Africa.  The heads of state in Europe, Asia and South America openly mock this president. Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars sent to Al Qaeda affiliates and the Muslim Brotherhood, to state sponsors of terror, and what is the headline?

Terrorist attacks and deaths hit record high, report shows

In five years American foreign policy has become a global laughingstock.  Allies distrust us, enemies disrespect us. We are increasingly isolated, and weakened.  Old adversaries circle, smelling blood in the water, China and Russia joined by nuclear proxies just waiting for their opportunity.  Iran already has the bomb.  Only Israel stands in their way, despite Obama’s condemnations.

Domestically, the abuse is worse.  Punch-by-punch this president has worked to destroy our economy and our liberty. His lawless acts fill books.  Bullying certain people in media, he now works to destroy private insurance companies even as he is seen encouraging division and resentment in the general population.  Using the IRS to attack enemies, Obama continues to cover up Benghazi, abusing families who lost loved ones.  He lies without blushing, denies any knowledge of his crimes, and blames anyone and everyone without shame. 

What do you call a man who lies to you, deceives you, beats you, steals your money, injures your family, destroys your country, insults your sons and daughters serving in the military, turns you against your neighbor, then helps those who want to kill you?

In a rational age, such a man would be called “enemy”.


Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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