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ObamaCare Sting Video May Put Sebelius In The Hot Seat Over Conspiracy To Commit Fraud

Patrick Howley, Reporter for Daily Caller

New questions are being raised about the tax-exempt status of an Obamacare enrollment group tied to Kathleen Sebelius after it was implicated in James O’Keefe’s most recent investigative probe.

O’Keefe captured an official for Enroll America, for which Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted to fundraising, being introduced at an event as “the official group for the DNC.” O’Keefe’s work also revealed that Enroll America might be working with the political action committee Battleground Texas, possibly sharing mined data between the two groups.

O’Keefe’s footage was enough to prompt the legal advocacy group Cause of Action to write a letter to the attorney general of the state of Texas asking for an inquiry into Enroll America’s tax-exempt status.

“There may be violations of Texas law as well, including but not limited to: the state False Claims Act; conspiracy to commit Medicaid fraud; and consumer fraud,” according to the letter.

“You may wish to evaluate whether entities such as Enroll America and Battleground Texas are adhering to both state and federal law regarding 501(c)(3) nonprofits and 527 political action committees. Any violations of the Internal Revenue Code may be referred to the Department of Justice or the Internal Revenue Service. Moreover, Texas has the oversight capability to ensure that federal funds are used in a transparent, accountable, and legally compliant manner,” according to the letter.

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