OBSESSED: Teen GUILTY of murder ‘after shooting his father for joking about Megan Fox’

Published on November 19, 2013

A now 21-year-old man accused of shooting his father in the face with a shotgun in 2009, prompted in part by a joke about how the boy wasn’t man enough to be with actress Megan Fox, was found guilty of first degree murder in a Florida court Monday.

Jason Beckman was 17 when he snapped and, with a shotgun, blasted his South Miami City Commissioner father in the face and neck while he was in the shower.

While an appeal seemed likely after the judge refused to allow into evidence Beckman’s Asperger’s Syndrome or his initial police interview where he vehemently denied committing the crime, a string of witnesses for the prosecution painted a very sinister picture of Beckman and his years-long desire to murder his father and others.

Beckman now faces life in prison.

According to a jailhouse informant who testified last week, the final straw in Beckman’s hatred for his father came after Jay Beckman cracked a joke about actress Megan Fox, which prompted Beckman to finally murder his father.

Initially, Jason was charged with manslaughter after telling police he accidentally discharged the 12-gauge Browning Citori shotgun by tripping over it.

However, the charge was later upgraded to first-degree murder when it emerged in the course of the investigation that the teen had admitted to a neighbor that he planned one day to kill his father with the shotgun. 

In court Tuesday, Beckman’s inmate Michael Nistal told jurors that just before the deadly shooting, Jason asked his father what he thought about Hollywood starlet Megan Fox.

‘His father told him he [Jason] wouldn’t know what to do with that,’ Nistal recounted to the jurors, according to the Miami Herald.

The seemingly innocent comment uttered by Jason’s father, whom he allegedly hated and talked about killing for years, pushed the 17-year-old over the edge, according to the prosecution.

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