The Plague of Racism on Both Sides — and the Violence Pandemic

Written by Allan Erickson on November 26, 2013

I’ve been called a racist off and on since college in the early 70s.  One of our classmates, an African-Puerto Rican from New York, attended on scholarship as an art major.  He was continuously angry and confrontational.  Long into the night, sitting in the dorm hallways, he berated anyone willing to sit and listen to his tirades against whites and the dominate culture. When I questioned some of his presuppositions and conclusions, I was immediately branded a racist, and threatened.

Then, and now, any time I speak up questioning the assumptions of the Left and the black liberation movement, I am called a racist hater.  It comes with the territory when you take a public stand for conservative values inspired by the Founders, men who are routinely called racists as well. 

Fast forward 42 years. While we thought we’d made progress in race relations, and we had in some respects, we now find little has changed, at least in the minds of some.  Race relations are obviously deteriorating, and the people to blame — extremists on both ends of the spectrum: real racists coming in a variety of colors, and race-baiters who profit from continuous conflict.

But the truly disheartening fact is many who call themselves Republicans or conservatives remain blatantly racist.  It is a minority to be sure, for most of white America has purged itself of bigotry.  Still there are substantial numbers of people who actually believe blacks are inferior, and whites, superior.   

Recently I wrote a column published on line titled Race War in America – Fomented by Our President?  The point of the column was to show the president possesses biases and prejudices expressed through policy serving to make matters worse.  As the comments appeared, I was appalled.
Realizing Leftist trolls frequent conservative websites posing as conservatives to post remarks leaving false impressions, I nonetheless concluded many of the commenters were heart-felt racists who proved themselves world class bigots because once challenged, they escalated.   Here are a few of the comments, each from a different person:

“It’s not complicated. Blacks are low-IQ, low impulse control, 3rd world savages that cannot build or maintain a 1st world society. Look at Detroit, St. Louis, New Orleans, Haiti, Zimbabwe, South Africa. They have no place in White society.  Segregation now. Segregation tomorrow. Segregation forever.”

“1,000,000 years of being, literally, a savage in the jungle cannot be altered by 200 years of living in this country. Too bad blacks cannot be repatriated back to their country of origin.”

“Every honest person admits that for the most part other races are superior to blacks in almost every way, except maybe playing basketball. For whatever genetic reasons most of them are just not like the rest of us. We’ve denied their plague and tolerated them much too long.”

These are only three comments among hundreds posted by about 25 different individuals. Plenty of readers gave these comments a thumbs up. In fact, majorities often affirmed these glaringly prejudicial remarks.  These bigots will never change their minds.  However, decent citizens have a responsibility to confront their poisonous thinking and divisive rhetoric.   

Typically, people insisting blacks are inferior attempt every dirty trick in the book to make their “argument”, and when shown errant, they resort to personal attacks, demonization and hysteria. 

One of the other profiteering extremist groups responsible for exploiting race hatred and anger in both directions: Hollywood dominated by Leftists who blame whites for all the ills in the world.  And one of the best examples of docu-drama propaganda is the recent film, The Butler. The filmmakers attempt vicious slander, painting one of our greatest Presidents a racist.  The result: more fear, anger, resentment and suspicion germinated in the hearts and minds of Americans across the spectrum.  Useful analysis here.

And today we have continuous coverage of a “game” called “Knockout.”  In the wake of enormous increases in black on white violence thanks to the Trayvon Martin situation, and the unending provocations from small men like Sharpton and Jackson, black youth assault and kills whites indiscriminately, calling it a form of “fun.” The media ignores it, black leaders often justify it or ignore it, white bigots exploit it to recruit more haters, and some of the people who suffer most, decent black youth earning good grades who are stereotyped “savage”  thanks to the work of violent youth and white bigots.

There is no excuse for physical violence in any direction, nor can it be denied verbal violence stokes the flames, on both sides.  Yet, truth be told, hate speech from various sectors of the black community, including the White House, have contributed disproportionately to the troubles of the day.  And truthfully, our troubles increase the more we reject the principles of morality and virtue required to avoid holocaust.

The majority of people in the country claim to be Christians.  Christians and Jews know from the Scripture that God condemns prejudice and bigotry.  If you doubt it, study Numbers 12, and reference passages commanding believers to treat foreigners with kindness.  Consider that God tells us each human life is sacred, that each individual is created in his image.  Focus on the commandment that insists we love our neighbors above ourselves.  Any expression of racism is distinctly and forever unbiblical and immoral.

The majority of people in America claim to be patriots.  Our Declaration says all people are created equal, and “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Any expression of racism is distinctly and forever un-American.  

The party of Lincoln was formed to abolish slavery and address racism in America in productive ways.  Great Republican leaders down through history have stepped up to heed the call.  Eisenhower worked for civil rights and integrated schools.  Reagan was always a force for good promoting equal rights, and fair treatment.  Both Bush presidents contributed greatly to racial reconciliation nationally and internationally, as did other Republican presidents.

Thoughtless racists calling themselves conservatives and Republicans do not deserve those labels. Mindlessly they play right into the hands of the Left, showing they are less than superior, remaining a huge part of the problem.

Crafty Leftists overstate existent racism and exploit and worsen the problem, purposefully disrupting and demoralize and promote their selfish agenda.  They are as bad and despicable as the so-called conservatives who spew hatred, operating against any true solution for the benefit of all.  We should demand they stop playing the race card, treating race like political currency.

Real Republicans and conservatives must police our ranks, and show the world we are serious, both to confront real racism and those who use it as a tool to destroy from within. No one can tell us with precision what percentage of blacks or whites are racists, but it is obvious any form of racism cutting in any direction is idiotic, and terribly destructive. 
Unless we find our way and follow the good advice of Republicans like Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Condi Rice, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Hon. Janice Rogers Brown and Ronald Reagan, we’ll descend further into chaos, and even more violence.

People of good will are peace makers, knowing the God of love requires it.

True Americans promote crucial principles: we are one nation under God, and all men are created equal.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.