WE’D BE IN JAIL: Do Obamacare’s Foibles Rise to the Level of Fraud?

Published on November 10, 2013

Why do we allow politicians to be treated differently than CEO’s in the private sector? If a CEO commits fraud and damages consumers, he goes to prison. Yet if a politician like President Obama lies, misrepresents, and causes massive damage to consumers, no one mentions the word fraud or suggests a crime has been committed. No one even suggests the politician be removed from office. Why? What’s the difference?

Obamacare isn’t about incompetence. It isn’t about political disagreement. It’s about a trillion dollar fraud, carried out by the President of the United States. Forget impeachment, it’s time for citizens to start demanding criminal prosecution.

Let’s say a TV pitchman (you know, like the Ginsu knife guy) promised free health insurance. Let’s say he promised “If you don’t like mine, you can keep your current health insurance … PERIOD!” Then millions of Americans, thinking they had nothing to lose, took him up on it. And then, because of this conman’s lies and misrepresentations, the policies they liked (and on which their families depended) were cancelled. When they went to his web site for help, to try and save themselves, they found it not only defective, but deceptive as well.

The few who could get on, found they had to enter their personal information, even if all they wanted to do was compare plans and prices. And, once they did this they were trapped. Their personal information would be used to extort them. They were warned that if they didn’t buy, they’d be fined.

Can you imagine the outrage and criminal accusations coming from consumer protection advocates? Can you imagine how quickly the federal government would shut down the business? Can you imagine how quickly a grand jury would be convened to indict the CEO? Can you imagine how quickly FBI agents, accompanied by SWAT teams with assault weapons, would swoop down on this CEO’s offices with guns drawn, and remove cabinets and computers with the media watching, with cameras rolling, with flashbulbs popping? Can you picture the CEO and his top executives being perp walked in handcuffs before the waiting TV news cameras?

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