Do Abortions Cause Breast Cancer?

Written by Wes Walker on December 4, 2013

Tracing whether there’s a link between Breast Cancer and Abortion is a contentious issue… of course it will be.

Any issue that intersects questions of morality, autonomy, sexuality, protection of the weak, and rhe dizzying amounts of profit to be made on all sides of this issue (lobbying, fundraising, abortion clinics, etc) will be contentious.  There is bound to be suspicion on all sides whenever a study comes out that might link Cancer to Abortion, particularly Breast Cancer.

That would be true of a study in the cultural milieu of North America … but what about China? They’re not a particularly religious nation, in the Western understanding of “religious”.  They’ve got no reason to oppose abortion politically — especially since they have had a one child policy since the 70’s.  They are one of only three countries in the world without any laws governing abortions whatsoever.  (North Korea and Canada are the other two.)

It would be difficult to allege that political interference resulted in a study that put a negative connection to abortion in such an environment.

So what was the study?  In a meta-study published in “Cancer Causes and Control”, researchers found that women with at least 1 abortion had an increased risk of 44%.

Women with two abortions faced a 76% increase of risk and…

Women with three or more faced an 89% increase in risk of Breast Cancer.

I can’t help but wonder if Planned Parenthood should begin to worry about this leading to potential class action suits from women whose abortions (that were promised to be safe, legal and rare) may eventually be linked to Cancer they have subsequently developed?

We all remember what happened to Big Tobacco, don’t we?