Diversity?! Anti-science Leftists and Their Conservative Enablers

Published on December 8, 2013

By Paul Hair
Clash Daily Contributor

Reuters recently reported on how men dominate start-up technology companies; companies that drive society forward with innovation and scientific advancement. This, of course, is intolerable to leftists and their “gender diversity” agenda. And so they are stepping in and attempting to stop it.

You’d think conservatives would take advantage of this and try to turn the “anti-science” label on them. But there isn’t any sign this will happen and conservatives will likely continue enabling the left by agreeing with the “diversity” premise.

The Reuters article, “Insight: Tech start-ups show little imagination on board gender diversity,” reported the following:

Male-heavy boards dominate in the start-up mecca of Silicon Valley, which prides itself on progressive thinking and putting talent first. A Reuters survey of the 10 top venture-backed start-ups, as measured by venture funds raised, shows that six do not have any women on the board, including Pinterest. And none has more than one.

Reuters’ research relied on publicly available data and discussions with start-up executives and board members.

The gender imbalance has been the norm for years despite some recent signs of change. Google, Facebook and Twitter all went public without a woman on the board. They are more diverse now.

It looks like people don’t care that maybe — just maybe — men dominate start-up technology companies because men are better at science, invention, and business than women. Nope. “Diversity” is what truly matters.

This isn’t surprising. We are, after all, a theocracy. Not the “Christian Dominionist” theocracy that leftists constantly lie about being a threat to the nation. Rather we are an autotheocracy: a religiously ruled society where atheist, humanist, and secularist men are gods who decide what is right and wrong; moral and immoral; good and evil.

And because the high gods of autotheism deem “diversity” preeminent and “patriarchy” evil, then the idea that men’s dominance in the start-up technology industry might result from men being superior at technology, science, invention, and business cannot be tolerated. It must be deemed a heresy and then destroyed.

But the reality is that men and women are different. This is self-evident and we don’t need studies to tell us this. Nevertheless, we get studies anyway. (For example, the “Brains of women and men show strong hard-wired differences.”) So you’d think that conservatives would be able to fight back against the autotheocratic leftists and easily turn their “anti-science” claims against them whenever they push “diversity” and other such agendas.

But conservatives don’t fight back. Instead they go along with the premises the left sets. They’re helpless in stopping anti-science notions such as women being as capable as men of serving in combat positions in the armed forces, or that sexually immoral behavior is perfectly safe and normal. They buy into the notion that society needs more women leaders and that public and private organizations must be “diverse.”

And conservatives go along with the left because they know that if they don’t then leftists will ridicule them and deem them “anti-science.” And there is little that conservatives fear more than being ridiculed by their leftist masters.

Ironically, this results in conservatives engaging in actual anti-science advocacy. In other words, because conservatives fear leftists ridiculing them as “anti-science,” they engage in actual anti-science advocacy by siding with leftist premises; by going along with things such as “diversity,” “women’s rights,” “equality,” “social justice,” and so forth.

This should be an easy problem to fix. All conservatives have to do is start believing in what is right and good, and then start standing up for those convictions.

But then again, maybe conservatism can’t do that. Maybe conservatism has become a bankrupt belief system led by people who are incapable of anything other than enabling those who are intent on destroying everything good. Maybe conservatism needs to disappear and a new movement with people who actually believe in something (and are willing to fight for their beliefs) need to take their place.

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