Arsonist at The Scene of the Crime: Obama Decries Economic Inequality

Written by Teri O'Brien on December 5, 2013

On Day 2, of his 21-day liefest, shilling for the mother of all income redistribution schemes, Obamacare, Barack Obama took on the issue of income inequality. And of course when I say he “took on” the issue, I mean he set up his ever-present TelePrompTer and starting blathering away for nearly an hour. This insufferable gasbag can’t tell you what day it is without taking at least thirty minutes.  On the off chance that there is anyone reading this piece who would ask him the answer to any factual question, and expect a straight answer, let me make a suggestion. If he does tell you what day it is, I would do what his administration suggests you do after his ridiculous website tells you that you have enrolled in a health insurance plan; that is, confirm it by asking someone else.

OK, so you can’t trust him, and to paraphrase Mary McCarthy’s remark about Lillian Helman, everything he says is a lie, including “and” and “the”.  If there’s one thing you have to give him credit for, though, it’s the ability to keep a straight face while reciting anything he sees displayed on his indispensable PrompTer, no matter how ludicrous and disconnected from reality it might be. Today’s speech was a fine example of that talent.

For Barack Obama to lecture us on upward mobility is like an arsonist arriving at the scene of his latest blaze to weep over the destruction and misery he has caused. His policies, including most of all Obamacare, have hobbled our economy, and resulted in millions leaving the workforce. After five years at the helm, during which he has promised time and again to focus on jobs, this drivel is what we get as a speech on the economy? Seriously? Of course, for the leftist ideologue, paradise is always over the horizon, provided we just persevere with the program, more government, and more wealth confiscation. Just ask the folks in Cuba.

Because, once again, he chose his usual audience of faithful apparatchiks at the Center for American Progress, this performance was not greeted with the laughter that it deserved, but I know that you can appreciate what an unintentional laugh riot it was. (For the full gut-busting routine, check out this complete transcript. )

On Amnesty: “We’re going to need immigration reform that grows the economy and takes people out of the shadows.”

Of course, because there’s nothing that will help the struggling American middle class more than giving legal status to millions of low-skilled workers to compete with them for jobs. I guess the same economics genius who thinks that adding millions of sick people to the line to see an increasingly small number of physicians must have come up with this theory. And can we please have a moratorium on this imbecilic “out of the shadows” talking point? As long as these activists are featured in stories about members of Congress and even the President himself meeting with them, as they were in the last couple of days, I declare them officially out of the shadows.

On What Gave Him Opportunity: “So what drives me, as a grandson, a son, a father, as an American, is to make sure that every striving, hardworking, optimistic kid in America has the same incredible chance that this country gave me.”

Actually, wasn’t it your grandmother, Barry, the “typical white person,” a bank vice president who arranged for you to go to a very fancy private school? I guess you can give America credit for the affirmative action. Even your race-obsessed wife admitted that with her crappy grades, she couldn’t have gotten into an Ivy League school.
Speaking of education …

On Education: “Step two is making sure we empower more Americans with the skills and education they need to compete in a highly competitive global economy. We know that education is the most important predictor of income today, so we launched a Race to the Top in our schools, we’re supporting states that have raised standards in teaching and learning,”

It was only a matter of time before he would get to suggesting that we need to pour more money down the public education rathole, only a day after we learned that despite spending more per student than many other countries, our kids earn the dunce cap for math. I would also like to know why if Barack is so concerned about education, he killed the scholarship program that would have allowed poor children to attend one of those afore-mentioned fancy private schools like the one he attended back in the day, and his daughters attend now. Could it be that Barack Obama is just another phony, hypocritical leftist in the pocket of public employee unions?

After this very depressing display of doctrinaire demagoguery, only those who haven’t outgrown the silly bobbysoxer crushes on Barack that they contracted in 2007, can have any doubt about who and what this man is, the hard-wired, radical leftist, mentored by unrepentant domestic terrorist/ “small c” communist Bill Ayers and ministered to by screeching racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 

The cure for “economic inequality” is not big government. It is free market capitalism and economic growth. It’s obvious to anyone not blinded by wrong-headed ideology. 

God help us.

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