BAD MOM: Sandy Hook Killer’s Mom Taught Him to Shoot Aged 4, ‘Lied to buy him guns’ and Dumped ‘Lost cause’ Son to Go on Vacations

Published on December 4, 2013

Nancy Lanza took her killer son Adam shooting from the age of just four, may have lied on federal paperwork to buy him guns and went on long holidays alone without the boy she branded a ‘lost cause’, a new book reveals today.

It lays out the strongest case yet against the mother of the Sandy Hook shooter – just days after parents of the victims said her ‘bad parenting’ was partly to blame.

Nancy knew as far back as 2000 that there was ‘something very wrong’ with the boy and effectively abandoned her disturbed son last year while she went on trips by herself.

Meanwhile, Adam Lanza was left alone in the house they shared where he spent his days playing violent video games and filling in a 7ft by 4ft spreadsheet ranking the worst mass murders of all time by number of fatalities.

Just three days before his rampage – the second worst in U.S. history – she checked into a four-star hotel for two nights and paid $450 for a luxury spa package that included a 50-minute facial and a 50-minute body treatment.

The book, written by a journalist who spent a year living in the community investigating the outrage, also reveals that Adam, 20, may have originally intended to target Newtown High School in Connecticut instead of Sandy Hook Elementary.

The attack was only foiled when Adam saw some police cars by the school, which he only left when his mother pulled him out.

In Newtown: An American Tragedy, Matthew Lysiak goes further than the official report into the massacre which was released last month by the Danbury State Attorney General’s office.

It concluded that Adam acted alone when he shot dead Nancy, 20 children and six schoolteachers before taking his own life, but that his motives would never be known.

While nobody can know what it was actually like to live with Adam, whose Asperger’s led to severe behavioral problems, much of the evidence now asks very serious questions of Nancy.

Family friend Marvin LaFontaine told Lysiak how he used to invite Nancy, Adam and his brother Ryan, now 24, over for shooting sessions with himself and his own son Jordan.

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