BALD HORN DOG: Eliot Spitzer’s Dating Chick 23 Years Younger, Wife to Divorce

Published on December 25, 2013

Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda, who stood by him after he admitted to spending thousands on high-class prostitutes, are calling it quits after 26 years of marriage.

Rumors have long circulated that the Spitzers were no longer a happy couple but they waited until Christmas Eve to formally announce that they were ending their marriage.

The couple sent out a statement after Spitzer, 54, was pictured slipping into the home of 31-year-old Lis Smith, a press secretary who worked on his failed bid for New York City Comptroller.

The former governor, who resigned in 2008 after he was fingered as ‘Client-9’ in a federal bust of a high-class escort ring, was seen twice last week arriving at Smith’s Soho apartment, taking her to a candle-lit dinner, then disappearing back upstairs. 

We regret that our marital relationship has come to an end and we have agreed not to make any other public statement on this subject,’ Spitzer family spokeswoman Lisa Linden said in a terse statement released on Tuesday night.

It is unclear whether the couple is already divorced or whether they are planning to divorce. Ms Linden would not elaborate on the statement.

Multiple reports indicate that the Spitzers have been living apart for some time. Mrs Spitzer was also noticeably absent from the campaign trail this past year.

Spitzer has repeatedly refused to comment on his personal life and says he is only staying at his parents’ apartment because they are in poor health.

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