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So, Who’s Worried? Barack Obama’s Alfred E. Neuman Presidency

Last Thursday, right before getting out of Dodge, Barack Obama did a cringe-inducing press conference in which he appeared in over his head, rambling, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, endlessly repeating the scripted comfort lines that his handlers hoped would prevent an on-air meltdown.

To hear him talk, under his wise stewardship, the economy has rebounded miraculously, Obamacare is a smashing success, and his foreign policy has enhanced America’s standing in the world. Any resemblance between his talking points and reality was not coincidental. It was non-existent.

Then, he jetted off to the his luxury Hawaiian vacation where, the Regime PR team proudly announced that, just like one of the little people, he enrolled in Obamacare through the Washington, D.C. exchange. Well, not exactly just like you, Bitter Clinger. He enrolled, by sending one of his minions to do an in-person sign up in his absence, no doubt while he was doing something important like getting in another round of golf.

You don’t think he was going to waste his precious time actually trying to participate in this ridiculous racket, do you? Of course not, especially since his sign up was strictly symbolic. He and his family are exempted from the chaotic mess that his arrogant attempt to “remake” the health care system created. Their every need, including state of the art health care, is provided by the taxpayers.

Still, like state-controlled media in North Korea or any banana republic, the cheerleaders in the American Lame Stream Media celebrated the pointless, symbolic gesture, and reported breathlessly on the dramatic improvements to the dysfunctional government website. They have yet to report on which Social Security number he used during his “historic,” albeit senseless, sign up.

I would wager dollars to doughnuts that no one, not even Sec. of Health and Human Services, Kathleen “Nurse Ratched” Sebelius herself, can decipher the current requirements of the law after the dozens of on-the-fly “amendments” to Obama’s “signature achievement” made with a wave of his mighty hand. Not to worry. At this point, what difference does it make? Or shall we say, as Barack clearly does as he relaxes in his tropical paradise, “what me worry?”

Apparently, his handlers have convinced our Alfred E. Newman chief executive that come 2014 everything will be all right, at least for him. As he enjoys the surf and sun, and repeats more obvious lies about the economy and his collapsing health care scheme, the American people are living the hideous reality of what his policies have wrought. But what, him worry? Keep repeating those lines, Barry. “Millions are signing up for Obamacare.” “Unemployment is at the lowest percentage in years.” Are the American people as delusional as our Dear Reader? The answer will come in November. 

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