BUSTED: Lesbian Accused of Anti-Gay Note Hoax Refunds Thousands of Dollars to Zealous Supporters

Published on December 7, 2013

The lesbian waitress accused of falsely claiming a couple left her an offensive note instead of a tip has started paying back well-wishers who donated thousands of dollars to her, it emerged today.

Dayna Morales, 22, seems to finally be doing the decent thing in returning the cash she took from unsuspecting supporters after her claims made national headlines.

Morales, a waitress at Gallop Asian Bistro, in Bridgewater, New Jersey, claimed a couple dining at the restaurant had left her a note saying ‘I cannot tip because I don’t believe in your lifestyle’ instead of a tip.

But the former marine’s story fell apart just days later when the couple came forward with their copy of the receipt showing an $18 tip.

Then former friends of hers joined the chorus claiming that she was a compulsive liar who had pretended she had terminal cancer and even that her father had raped her and killed her baby by throwing it down the stairs.

She even said she was the sole survivor of a bomb blast in Afghanistan. But it then transpired she had never seen action overseas and in fact had been dishonorably discharged.

That was not before many who had been moved by her tale of prejudice stepped forward to donate money to her, which Morales had previously said she would give to LGBT charities and Wounded Warriors, a charity founded to help injured servicemen.

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