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Can’t Afford to Wait: Obama Must Go Now!

Our Republic is in danger. We are at a critical juncture. At question is whether the constitutional republic established by our founders that has afforded us our liberties will survive the current assault by foreign and domestic enemies that have usurped control of the federal government.

What foreign and domestic agents? Start with Obama. He is a foreigner! There, I said the unspeakable truth. There is no irrefutable evidence that Obama was born in America. A promotional booklet produced by Obama’s literary agency, Acton & Dystel, portrays Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” The booklet was circulated until 2007. Multiple different versions of Obama’s supposed birth certificate have surfaced in an eligibility case before the Alabama Supreme Court. An investigation by Sheriff Arpaio has reported accurately that the birth certificate released on the White House web site is a forgery. His own grandmother said he was born in Kenya and the British National Archives reveal that a son was born to his father in British-held Kenya in 1961. His actions and his motivations, as revealed in his biography, are consistent with those that we might expect from an anti-American foreign agent.

Obama has committed treason by aiding and abetting America’s enemies. He attempted to involve the United States in a war in Syria, but was only frustrated by the refusal of our allies and Congress. His objective was to aid Al Qaeda. He has covered up the murder of Ambassador Stephens in Benghazi in order to hide the sale of weapons to Al Qaeda. He and his Attorney General are currently being sued in an Egyptian court for aiding the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. His own brother is a finance minister for that organization, which now has access and influence within the White House. Obama has consistently worked to diminish the security of Israel and is now proposing a treaty with Iran that will enable that terrorist nation to develop nuclear weapons.

If being ineligible for the office of President and committing treason were not enough, his election was only obtained by gross voter fraud. An internet search for “election fraud + Ohio” reveals multiple news accounts for such activity. Just this week Fox News revealed an investigation of multiple incidents of non-citizens voting in Ohio. The Ohio Secretary of State should immediately de-certify the election results. Without Ohio, Obama would not be President.

Obama has not only committed treason. He has also violated the Constitution on numerous occasions by usurping powers not granted to the President by the Constitution. He has made numerous changes to the Affordable Care Act without Congressional approval. He has deliberately lied to the American people on numerous occasions regarding the effects of ObamaCare. He has made illegal recess appointments. He has used the IRS to harass his political opposition. He has infringed the first amendment rights of the press and of religious organizations. He has used the NSA to spy on the American people. His Attorney General has lied to Congress as has his NIA director. The Attorney General has illegally engaged in selling weapons to criminals and ignored a contempt citation from Congress.

Just this week, as Americans were distracted by the persecution of Christian beliefs in the Duck Dynasty flap, Senate Democrats used the new filibuster rules to confirm Obama’s nomination of Alejandro Mayorkas as Assistant Homeland Security Director. Mayorkas is currently under investigation for helping Anthony Rodham (yes, that Rodham) secure an international investor visa for a Chinese executive.

Folks, we are dealing with a criminal in the White House. This is an emergency. We don’t have time for a 2014 or 2016 election. Obama must go, now. The difficulty we face is that we have a gutless Congress unwilling to do its Constitutional duty. For their failure, they should be impeached as well. Even the judicial branch is corrupt. The American people are being forced to suffer under the ACA, which was illegally passed. The Constitution requires that all revenue measures must originate in the House. The ACA did not. Congress, the President and the Supreme Court all ignore this. They all must go!

By its outright corruption and inaction, all branches of the federal government are risking a violent revolution. Security experts have warned Congress about just such a possibility. Go to the Oath Keepers Facebook page and you can see too many calling for just such action. This country is a powder keg. A simple spark could ignite a holocaust. I am not advocating any such thing (hi, FBI). That would be horrible and most likely end in failure.

In fact, I think that is exactly what Obama and many in Congress are eagerly anticipating in order to enforce martial law and total control. That is what they really want. Why do you think DHS is arming to the hilt? The establishment in DC knows that the collapse of their Ponzi scheme is imminent and they are hoping to establish total control before it crumbles.

No, the Constitution itself provides the solution to our dilemma. Our wise founders made provision for the circumstances we are faced with today. They drafted Article V of the Constitution in order to provide the states with an avenue for amending the Constitution. There is a growing movement among liberty lovers to call a Convention of States in order to ratify liberty amendments that would restrict and narrowly define the power of the federal government. Unfortunately, even this process could take years to accomplish. But, the framers also adopted the Bill of Rights to allay the fears of the anti-federalists. Specifically, the tenth amendment provides that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people“.

Our state governments are our most immediate protection against the criminal totalitarians controlling our federal government. They are the outside force to hold the feds in check. The nullification of federal authority and laws has been used successfully in our nation’s history. Nullification was used to stop enforcement of the Alien and Sedition Acts. It was also successfully applied to prevent enforcement of the fugitive slave laws.

The Tenth Amendment Center website chronicles that, “northern lawmakers aggressively resisted the fugitive slave acts. Officials in these states did everything within their power to thwart enforcement, including denying federal agents the use of jails, and even impeaching state officials who lent support to fugitive-slave claimants. The Michigan legislature passed a law guaranteeing habeas corpus rights and a jury trial to any accused runaway, all in defiance of federal “law.” Some states went as far as to subject to kidnapping charges anybody attempting to remove accused fugitives from the state without following the prescribed state procedure. And there were documented cases of arrests of federal agents.”

We need just such brave patriots in our state legislatures and governorships today. There are 23 states with both Republican controlled legislatures and governors. There are 5 states with divided government. Some of those states are dominated by “conservative” Democrats. States could take drastic measures to nullify federal laws and regulations immediately, beginning with ObamaCare. State legislatures could recall or impeach the DC politicians. Governors could use the National Guard and state police to close IRS,FBI,ATF, NSA,TSA, and EPA offices. Governors could empower state militias to close Federal Reserve offices and arrest officials. Use the National Guard, state police and militias to take possession of U.S. military and DHS facilities. Arrest commanding officers who have violated their oaths by supporting the current illegal President. Use these same forces to secure our borders.

There is so much that could be done to force the impeachment and control of the current federal criminal enterprise. We only need brave people. State legislators are actually accessible. They live right in your own communities. It’s time to encourage them.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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Rick David

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.