CAT FIGHT: Jurassic Plastic Joan Rivers Slams ‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence

Published on December 29, 2013

Joan Rivers doesn’t seem to be loosening her grip on Jennifer Lawrence’s jugular any time soon.

The comedienne took another swipe at the Hunger Games actress during an interview with the New York Post recently.

“My New Year’s resolution is [ensuring] Jennifer Lawrence grows up and realizes how lucky she is and calms down,” she told the publication, before adding an acerbic:

“I love that she’s telling everyone how wrong it is to worry about retouching and body image, and meanwhile, she has been touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican.”

“Look at her posters,” she continued. “She doesn’t have a nose, she has two holes. She just has to learn, don’t talk if you’re doing it.”

The feud stems from comments Lawrence made about Rivers’ show Fashion Police on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire promotional trail in November.

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