Chicago of the West? Colorado Politicians Dodge Recall … and the Voters

Written by Rob Morse on December 1, 2013

There is good news and bad news from Colorado today.  Democrat Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak resigned her office.  Hudak faced an active recall effort.  She narrowly won the previous election by only 600 votes.  She took unpopular positions, ignored voter input and talked down to the voters in this last term.  Two Democrat Senators have already been recalled this year by Colorado voters including the Senate President John Morse.  Democrats now control the State Senate by a single vote, 18 to 17.    The Colorado Senate would likely have flipped to the Republicans if the recall effort gathered sufficient signatures.  That is the good news.

Democrat Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, and  Democrat officials made the decision for Hudak.  She will resign to take a made-up political post rather than risk loosing party control of the senate.  The voters lost since the recall process has effectively been gutted.  Governor Hickenlooper will replace Hudak with another Democrat from the party faithful.  He can replace any tone deaf Democrat facing a recall when the voters dare reject the ruling regime in Colorado.  The faces will change but the policies will stay the same.

The Colorado progressives said they spoke for the people of Colorado.   Their actions say something else.  Their actions say they are afraid to listen when the voters speak for themselves.  The professional politicians are more concerned with maintaining power than listening and learning from the people who elect them.  Denver politicians now look and act more like Chicago politicians than the independent western politicians of only a few years ago.  Given the way union money flowed into Hudak’s campaign, Colorado politics now looks and acts more like Illinois.  Outside money and dirty politics are now the rule.

Democrat Colorado politicians ignored the voters during the last legislative session.  Governor Hickenlooper is silencing the voters again by thwarting the recall.  I’d hoped for better from the Colorado Democrats.  The politicians are betting that short attention span voters will forget and forgive by the next election.