‘Christian persecution complex’— Really?

Published on December 18, 2013

by Jeff Mullen
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

If you’re a Christian in America, you might be surprised to learn that you’ve never had it so good.

“Does the Christian persecution complex have an expiration date?” asked Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. “Because … uh … you’ve all been in charge pretty much since … uh … what was that guy’s name? … Constantine. He converted in—what was it?—312 A.D. I’m just saying, enjoy your success.”

OK, I can take a joke from a Jewish comedian. Willful ignorance is something else again.

Writing for the Examiner newspapers, Michael Rosch accused Christians of crying wolf over Carrie Prejean. This was the young Christian who was forced to give up her crown as Miss California in June 2009 after her response to a question about gay marriage stirred a firestorm of controversy from homosexuals and liberals. Rosch wrote, “Christian fundamentalists are known for their persecution complex even though I can point to no time in history where mass numbers of people ever really were persecuted in their own land because they were Christians … ever.” (Emphasis added.)

Really? Ever hear of Rome, where Christians were fed to lions for sport? How about Emperor Nero, who had Christians covered with pitch and set afire as garden torches? Only a product of fuzzy-headed liberal public school education would be capable of such an unchallenged whopper of a historical gaffe.

This is an educational system that has been teaching our children for decades now that Christians, for no apparent reason other than blind hatred, invaded Muslim lands in the Middle Ages and brutalized innocent Muslim women and children—with nary a mention of the centuries of persecution, enslavement and rape and mountains of decapitations perpetrated by the Islamic empire, to which the Crusades were a predictable, and violent, response.

How is this kind of revisionism any more acceptable than Holocaust denial? Don’t look now, but these misconceptions are hardening into popular history right before our very eyes in outright defiance of factual reality.

The Urban Dictionary provides this definition for Christian Persecution Complex: “The complex where Christians are being oppressed and persecuted wherein reality [sic] their belief-system has been dominating countries, schools and political systems since 300 BCE.”

Really ? Christians have been running things since 300 years before the birth of Christ? What would they have called themselves in those pre-Christian years—X-men?

It’s a barely disguised hostility that as much as says “back of the bus, Christian!” in the very act of denying such discrimination exists. A seamless ideological fabric garbs the entire professions of public education, entertainment and mainstream media—whose practitioners not only believe this toxic stuff, but are the very purveyors of it.

The goal? To promote a secular society by erasing every last vestige of a Christian nation from the collective conscience.


Image: Courtesy of: http://roman-persecution-of-christians.wikispaces.com/