COWABUNGA: This 16yr. Old Girl is the Nation’s Youngest MONSTER TRUCK DRIVER (and has a 2160 SAT score)

Published on December 8, 2013

While 16-year-old Rosalee Ramer’s peers are just getting used to parallel parking and driving on the freeway, she’s behind the wheels of a 10-ton truck – going over 30 foot jumps, crushing smaller cars and popping wheelies as the nation’s youngest professional monster truck driver.

Rosalee, a native of Watsonville, California, has been driving in monster truck rallies for the past two years, signing up for more than 20 competitions a year in her truck named Detour with ‘Princess’ license plates.

‘Just being in a truck that loud, feeling it under you, stepping on the throttle, it almost doesn’t feel real. You feel like you’re in a different world’ Rosalee told the San Francisco Chronicle. ‘ You’re taking something that weights 10,000 pounds and with a tiny touch of the throttle, you can just roast the tires.’

Competing in a sport dominating by men has had its downfalls, and Rosalee constantly meets people who don’t understand why a teenage girl would be interested in monster trucks.

But in competition, her age and sex is somewhat of an advantage with her opponents.

‘You can tell when they don’t want “the little girl” to beat them out, so they try going for something they wouldn’t normally do,’ Rosalee said, ‘and then they crash or break a wheel off.’

Rosalee started entering competitions at age 14, but crushed her first car – a Ford Taurus – when she was 13.

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