DEATH BY PET: Former Mayor Injured and Husband Mauled to Death by Pet Boxer

The husband of an Arizona town’s former mayor, himself a popular high school teacher, was mauled to death Saturday by the family dog.

Thomas Vick, 64, husband of former Bullhead City mayor Diane Vick, died in a hospital from wounds suffered after being attacked by the family’s boxer. Ms Vick, 65, was injured in the attack.

The couple was trying to break up a fight between the boxer and another dog when the pets instead attacked them, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The boxer and a cocker spaniel were fighting Saturday night when the Vicks tried to intervene. The cocker spaniel licked its wounds and sulked away, the boxer did not.

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Both were flown to a hospital in Las Vegas, about 90 miles to the north.

Mr Vick, a high-profile teacher at Mojave High School, died Sunday morning, according to AZCentral. His wife ‘was pretty beat up,’ Bullhead City Mayor Jack Hakim told the site, but should recover.

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