SHE DEVIL: Woman Bites Off Man’s LIP in Epic Beer Brawl (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Published on December 2, 2013

A man has had to have emergency surgery to reattach his lip after a woman bit it off during a fight at Germany’s annual beer festival Oktoberfest.

Video has emerged of the savage fight which shows the woman – appropriately wearing costume devil’s horns – clamping her jaws around the bottom lip of the her victim.

He is seen desperately trying to pull his head away as his onlookers attempt to disentangle the pair.

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The footage of the fight has been viewed nearly 40,000 times since being uploaded to a video sharing website.

The shocking brawl erupted between the woman and a group of men, thought to be Australians, at the world’s largest fair, held in Munich, Germany, as revellers drank beer.

In the footage, a man wearing lederhosen and a grey shirt appears to antagonise the woman by putting something near her face.

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