DON’T READ THIS IF YOU GET EASILY PISSED: Stupefying List of RIDICULOUS Spending By Obama’s Admin

Published on December 19, 2013

A $300 million Army “megablimp,” space pizza and the ObamaCare website top this year’s “Wastebook” of the worst examples of wasteful spending by the government.

Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-Okla.) list, out Tuesday, criticizes the government for spending $319 million on the botched site and $400 million to some furloughed workers who stayed home during the government shutdown.

The new book identifies 100 government spending decisions that wasted $30 billion in taxpayer money over the last year. Coburn, a well-known fiscal hawk, puts the book together every year.

The failed ObamaCare site, paying “non-essential” workers who make more than $100,000 per year for staying at home during the government shutdown and the megablimp are among the biggest ticket items in Coburn’s book.

Coburn argues the waste shows that it should have been easy to find ways to replace the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester.

Other highlights:

NASA spent $124,955 to develop pizza that can be printed on a 3-D printer. It already pays Lockheed Martin $1 million a year to develop food for a Mars mission that isn’t happening for several decades.

The space agency also spent $390,000 to develop a “green ninja” cartoon character to promote climate change,  $360,000 on “pillownauts” that lay in bed for 70 days and $3 million on a mission to study the inner workings of Congress.

The FBI spent $1.5 million to help Hollywood accurately depict the agency.

The State Department spent $630,000 to buy “likes” on Facebook.

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