Facebook’s Intrusive Network Will Be Used To Push The Senate Immigration Bill

Published on December 13, 2013

Neil Munro, White House Correspondent For Daily Caller

The D.C. lobbyist for Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg says online companies will use their far-reaching and intrusive network to persuade Americans to back a massive immigration overhaul.

“Part of our job, and what we are good at, and should be really, really good at, is using the mediums we created to push out a narrative, to push out a story,” said Joe Green, the president of FWD.US,  the lobbying group created and operated by Zuckerberg and other infotech giants who share the same goal of getting more cheap, skilled labor.

He’s backing the Senate immigration bill, which will triple immigration during the next decade by providing 30 million green cards to immigrants and giving temporary work permits to at least 15 million guest workers.

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