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News Clash

GESTAPO: Congressman Warns ObamaCare Has Provision to Create ‘Secret Security Force’

On Friday Nov. 15, Christian radio host Janet Mefferd opened her show saying, “there’s another strange story out about DHS.”

She continued with, “the agency has announced a requirement for armed officer’s service at various locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.”

The cost of the armed officer’s services will be $19 million. DHS also announced that “the contractors hired will have a need for a top-secret security facility clearance.”

The news of DHS needing armed officers comes on the heels of some other strange behavior by the government agency. In recent months the government has been stockpiling hollow point ammo, full auto assault rifles, purchasing check-point booths and retrofitting armored vehicles.

In March, the Policy and Issues Examiner reported, “Terry M. Hestilow, a retired United States Army Captain from Fort Worth, Texas, warned that DHS was preparing to go to war with the citizens of the United States.” Could this be the true purpose behind the government’s buildup of the above mentioned equipment?

Most of our government’s purchases of hollow point rounds and military equipment was done with minimal reporting about it by the main-stream media. The government’s build up of this equipment has a lot of people, asking what’s going on and what is the purpose? To date, DHS has not given the American people a straight answer concerning this.

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