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GOP Establishment: A Recipe for More Losses

If you’re anything like me, on a daily basis you’re frustrated by the Establishment Republicans and their unwillingness to actively engage and confront President Obama and his cohorts in the Democratic Party.

And make no mistake about it: There IS a group of Establishment Republicans, who are more than happy to seek the votes of Tea Party members and spit on them after the election
However, despite their multiple failures, they refuse to give the party a candidate for the White House who would take on the Democrats in a bare-knuckle contest for the hearts and minds of the voters.

Look at the losers these GOP geniuses have given us at the top of the ticket:

Bob Dole, a man who bravely served his country in World War II and then spent his entire career in government, but was happy serving in the minority. He refused to engage Bill Clinton until the election was essentially over. Newt Gingrich aptly and correctly called him: “The tax collector for the welfare state.”

John McCain, a man who bravely served his country, went to Washington and spent his career trying to ban freedom of political speech in elections. He also gloried in betraying the Conservative members of his own party, seeking to win the love of liberals in the media. Then, he blamed his massive electoral failure on his running mate, the one who was primarily responsible for keeping the race much closer than it would have been.

Mitt Romney, a good and decent man, brilliantly ran a ruthless and brutal campaign to defeat the Conservatives of his own party. Then, after he won the nomination, Romney spent more time embracing Obama’s policies than he did attacking him. Apparently, he hated Conservatives more than he wanted to unseat Obama.

This is what the Republican Party Establishment gave us to lead the ticket.

How in the world could any thinking individual blame Conservatives for these failed presidential campaigns, in which the principles of Conservatism were largely ignored?

The other day I received a phone call to solicit funds for the Republican Party, to which I have occasionally given some meager funds in the past.

Angrily, I told the man on the phone that they could never expect another penny from me until they quit paying lip service to Tea Party principles, using their great groundswell of support to get elected, and then spend their time in office governing like the liberals we just defeated.

Like Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush ran as a Conservative and won two presidential elections.

I won’t go into a great detail on George W. Bush, because the analysis of his administration would clearly fill another column. However, it was W’s failure to embrace any abiding Conservative principles in fiscal policy that caused him to do great and lasting harm to the GOP.

The last two Republican candidates who ran as true Conservatives won back-to-back terms.
However, whenever a moderate Republican runs against a liberal Democrat and promises to enact their same policies, but promises to implement them to a lesser degree than the liberal, the voters will always choose the real thing.

Capitulation hasn’t won in the past; it won’t win in the future.

When Republican Progressives run against Democrats, the Democrat will ALWAYS win!

The benighted fools in the Republican Party need to quit getting their electoral strategies from the recommendations of Democratic strategists.

And there is no longer any need to fear Obama.

Obama lied to the American people.

The public knows he lied. They know he did it deliberately.

Obamacare has greatly damaged the image of the president. Obama is no longer popular with a majority of Americans. He’s not even that popular with those of his own party.

Democratic candidates are running away from him.

Establishment Republicans need to finally learn this, too.

Little Republican cry-baby Johnny Boehner needs to realize that he’s only holding the Speaker’s gavel because of the people in the Tea Party, voters who he routinely seeks to undermine.

Give Republicans a genuine, Conservative presidential candidate who opposes amnesty for illegals, who seeks to repeal Obamacare, not fix it, someone who truly wants to cut spending, a leader who opposes Universal Background Checks, give America someone like that, a person who can boldly articulate these truths, and he will beat Hillary Clinton in the next election.

Tea Party supporters will finally be excited about a presidential candidate. They will turn out at the polls in great numbers. They will rally the troops.

And they will finally win.

But if you give us tried and true Republican Leftists like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush, then you might as well start getting used to calling Bill Clinton, “First Husband.”

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R.G. Yoho

R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”