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Hello?!?! Yet Another Murdering Child Molester — Walking Free!

I bet you guys are wondering why I cover rape and child molestation so often? There’s a valid reason for that – the reason is that it continues to happen! DUH! You see, if these things didn’t happen so often, then there would be no need for me to report them. However; they happen time and time again, especially by these repeat offenders, and these criminals just keep doing it repeatedly while no one does anything significant about it. I can’t take this crap; it drives me crazy, so I have to talk about it, I have to write about it, I want these animals to be punished.

Today I wanted to share some information with you that should really upset you. It’s a recurring theme in the world today. I want to talk about repeat offenders, people that should not be in the streets, yet they are out there committing murders, committing rapes, committing robberies, and all other sorts of crimes.

If I told you that a man spent time in jail for murder, but within the span of five short years, he was out in the streets among us, would you believe me? If I told you that this same man would be jailed again for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, then again, in a short period of time he walks among us, would you buy it? If I told you that this same man, yet once again was given the opportunity to bring harm to someone else’s life, would you think I was joking? Would you believe that this guy molested a four-year-old little girl? He received a life prison sentence for the crime, yet he walks free among us once again?

Well, that is exactly the story associated with Mohammed Akran. This piece of crap was in prison on some form of murder charge; he eventually came out of prison, then he went to prison on the first sexual assault charges, then, when freed a second time, he molested a four-year-old little girl. He was actually given life imprisonment for this particular crime, then; some idiot appeal’s judge released this guy because apparently the little girl’s testimony was not clear. The judge stated that the four-year-old was not capable of providing reliable testimony. What kind of nonsense is that? What kind of message are we sending? What kind of precedent does that create?

Let me ask you a question: which adult do you know that would be comfortable spending two days under some form of police custody answering questions and being interviewed? I don’t know too many adults that would be comfortable in that type of the situation, so how can this idiot judge not understand that this little girl was uncomfortable, and she probably wanted to get the hell out of that place? Because of the incompetence of this ridiculous judge, there is a child molesting murderer walking the streets today.

We as a society need to get people like this judge out of public office; we cannot have idiots like this in service. We can’t have them performing jobs that are supposed to be in the best interest of the public when they do ridiculous things like this. This is just unacceptable, and I would go so far as to say that this judge needs to be punished as well. I will go back even further and punish any of the judges and the law representatives who released him after he committed murder! Then I would punish the people that released him on his first sexual assault charge.

This piece of crap is the classic “he should have never been in the streets” case, yet three offenses later he is back out on streets again. You tell me what is wrong with society today, what is wrong with our legal representatives? What is wrong with humanity that we allow this judge or anyone for that matter to do something like this, and we are not tearing down their door?

This medium here, writing, this is my way of effecting change; this is how I’m using my voice to bring about that change. This is how I fight injustice. Find your way, and help this little girl, and others like her who have become the victims of these habitual predators in our society thanks to our lenient government officials. Let’s hold this court accountable for their actions. We as a global society need to protect ourselves because the governments are not doing a great job at it. This isn’t just about the United States of America; this story is actually from Scotland!

So, to answer those people in the first paragraph again, I talk about rape, and child molesters because the terrible behavior is happening all the time, all over the world, if we don’t talk about it, then who will?

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel is a blogger with appearances on The National Geographic Channel, MTV, HLN, FOX 5, HOT 97 FM, NY1, Bronxnet and many popular online sites. He is a U.S Air Force Veteran, Political Columnist, Musician, MMA Fighter, Foodie, and the Host of The Hidden Report Talk Show. Follow Angel on twitter and most social media via @AngelRdotMe

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