HOOD RATS: Thug brothers kill Dad who tried to buy iPad from them through Craigslist

Published on December 10, 2013

Brothers Tryon, 19, and Tyshaune Kincade, 18, were formally charged Monday in the shooting death of Sergent First Class Jim Vester, 32, after arranging to sell the 12-year military veteran an iPad on Wednesday.

According to phone records released by the police, the Indianapolis father wanted to buy an iPad from the brothers as a Christmas present for his parents based off of their Craigslist ad.

At 3:05pm, Vester texted: ‘Can I get your address’. At 3:14pm, the suspects texted him to meet at 920 Wyckford Dr.

Vester arrived at the address at 3:49pm  and texted: ‘are you here?’ and the suspect quickly replied ‘yes’. Five minutes later Vester was killed.

Police were able to catch the brothers that evening after tracing phone records and interviewing witnesses. They arrested 18-year-old Tyshaune Kincade after pulling him over in a traffic stop.

After searching Tyshaune’s mother’s house ,they were able to figure out that the text messages sent to Vester’s phone came from 19-year-old Tryon Kincade’s phone.

Tryon’s number was also the same one used in other robberies in the area.

The brothers’ next hearing is set for Tuesday.

One of their Facebook pages boasts of going to the school of ‘da thug life’.

Vester left behind his one-year-old son Gavin and wife Jamie.

In the wake of the senseless murder, nearly 1,500 people have donated $58,000 to a YouCaring.com fundraiser set up by Vester’s family for the man described as a ‘great cook, loving father and faithful man.’

‘He would drop everything and cross town to help you and your family,’ friend Master Sgt. Jerry Wurm said.

Vester was a career military man, with 12 years of service in the Indiana National Guard, including a year-long tour of duty in Iraq in 2006.
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