HUH?: Muslim Men Beat Wives, Human Rights Groups Blame Israel

Published on December 18, 2013

They  can’t blame the Muslim men. Obviously. That would be passing judgement on their  culture. Blaming Israel though is always the right answer.

Frequent Israeli military attacks have left a large number of women in Gaza on their own to raise their families. Pal-Think for Strategic Studies estimates that in just the aftermath of the 23-day Israeli military operation called “Cast Lead” in 2008-2009, more than 800 new widows were created. These widows suffer from insecure incomes and constant feelings of threat and insecurity, high levels of anxiety and concern about lack of access to education and other services for them and their children.

Wait… but why did the evil Zionist war machine kill men rather than women? Is it possible that these tragic victims were really terrorists?

And even when the terrorists survive, they start divorcing their wives. Because Israel.

A result of these growing tensions is a rise in the divorce rate (perceived as increasing by 24.6 per cent of the interviewees)

“Aisha, I am divorcing you.” “But why, Mohammed?” “Because of Zionism.”

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