Islamophobia vs. Islamorealism: Clearing the Confusion

Written by Audrey Russo on December 16, 2013

They’re at it again … just like termites, relentlessly gnawing at the foundation of our freedom. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is again trying to impose Sharia Law on the West.

The OIC just released its annual report on Islamophobia (Oct. 2012-Sept. 2013). The primary objective of the OIC (which is headquartered in Saudi Arabia and funded by a plethora of Muslim countries that methodically persecute Christians and Jews) has, for some time, been to pressure Western countries into passing laws that would ban “negative stereotyping of Islam” (an intentionally vague objective).

Of course, no monsters would be successful without their useful idiots to pave the way for their machinations. Enter … the campaign from Progressives (both sides of the aisle) and the mainstream media (MSM), in typical Marxist style. The assault on our First Amendment rights, especially our right to Free Speech.

We refer to it as Political Correctness (PC) … and it seeks to impose a uniformity of ideas and behavior on all Americans. It is consequently totalitarian in nature. Its roots rest in a version of Marxism which seeks to radicalize traditional culture in order to create a social revolution. And ultimate captivity.

Out of PC dogma comes the first term for clarification…

Islamophobe:Since 9-11, one term that has gained draconian might over truth-lovers in this nation is the faux term “Islamophobia”. This is a term used to cause paralysis in those accused, much like the word “racist” does. Taking there cue from the creators of “Homophobia” … who used the term to choke those with deeply held religious beliefs … Islamist groups like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) found a way to begin the imposition of Sharia Islamic Law in the West … with the aid of willing useful idiot Progressives. Anyone accused of being an Islamophobe is assumed an ignorant, hateful lout, who needs to be schooled in the ways of “true” Islam. Sharia Law forbids anything “perceived” as slander concerning anything or anyone connected to Islam … be it the Quran, Muhammed or Allah. They attach utmost importance to “hurt feelings” and make it a crime to express opposition/dissent regarding Islam, creating a new mortal sin for any who dare to violate their standard. It’s all about fear and intimidation.

To confront this deceptive maneuver by tyrant wannabes, the second term was created…

Islamorealist:Those who have actually schooled themselves on this totalitarian ideology that cloaks itself in religion … and have the audacity to share that wealth of information … are Islamorealists. They know the ideology’s books, perpetrators, and the deception this draconian dogma uses to oppress (and murder) its victims. They arduously disseminate the truth about this deadly doctrine and shrug off the paralysis plaguing others under the spell of this trepidation. But their love for freedom and truth will not allow them to falter in their quest to see ALL people taste Liberty.

There’s been a great deal of confusion concerning the terms “Islamophobe” and “Islamorealist”. The former was created to strangle free speech … the latter, to rescue free speech.

This battle is not new … it’s continued for centuries. Those desiring to rule in an elitist, draconian manner over others … versus those who long to live free under the liberty only a gracious God can provide, and share that truth with others.

This is the fight before us today. Lovers of truth took their stand in the past … giving blood and treasure for this precious commodity. It’s our turn now. Time to stand proud as an Islamorealist … defy those who live to see Liberty die.

But be encouraged: They may have the world’s PA system, BUT … there are more of us, than there are of them.

Shalom through strength…

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