KANYE’S CUCKOO: Kanye West Finishes ‘Yeezus’ Tour With Epic Rant to End All Rants

Published on December 29, 2013


DG- Epic trash talker, Kanye West, says he’ll never say anything bad about anyone else ever again. We’ll give him one week before he breaks that vow.

By Scott Sterling

It’s been a wild and crazy ride across North America for Kanye West this year, as the controversy-generating rapper took the ambitious Yeezus Tour to his fans.

While the highly conceptual show was packed with hits both old and new, West’s 2013 concert tour also featured a nightly “rant,” where the rapper would go off on a stream of consciousness tirade about everything from issues with Nike to anger at receiving just two GRAMMY nominations for his latest album.

He also delivered an epic two-part 27-minute tour-ending rant where West declared — among many other proclamations including again chastising the GRAMMYs for not giving him more nominations, including Album of the Year — that it was the rant to end all rants: “This is the last time you’ll hear me say anything negative about anyone.”


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