Makers & Takers and Hope & Change for 2014

Published on December 29, 2013

by Jeff Mullen
Clash Daily Contributor

Coming to the end of another year is always a cause for personal reflection. This year I find myself yearning for the prospect of real true Hope & Change: Hope in the knowledge that only three-eighths of the long national Obama nightmare remains and that there is an end in sight to the radical Fundamental Changes that are being saddled on the back of our republic.

But can we really recover? Can these changes ever be undone? In that I am not so hopeful. It may be too much like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube, unscrambling eggs or restoring virginity. This is especially the case with entitlements: “Leggo of my Eggo!” Or if you’re a little older: “I want my Maypo!”

Some may remember House Ways and Means Chairman Daniel Rostenkowski, a Chicago machine Democrat, running for dear life from irate seniors in 1989 after Congress merely tried to shift some of the cost to them for expanded benefits. Congress eventually repealed the legislation and replaced it with Medicare Part D, a more permanent Maypo entitlement with significantly less cost sharing. (And Rostenkowski eventually, like so many Chicago politicians, went on to his just reward—a stretch in prison for corruption.)

Now just imagine trying to repeal Obamacare. To half of America, it would be like suggesting we reduce the ADHD population by clubbing them to death. Probably not gonna happen. But even that pales in comparison to something even more insidious and far-reaching: The intended destruction of our two-party system.

The good news is that the popular election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 signaled the official end of racism in America (if not the end of professional race-baiting by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jacksons, et al.). The bad news is that it also signaled the emergence of a new permanent super-majority voting bloc in America—minorities, illegal aliens, unionists and leftists—that can force the rest of the populace to subsidize their every need, including birth control and gender reassignment.

In reaction, a few folks on the Right have advocated restricting the right to vote to non-entitlement dependents—i.e., people who work for a living. Sound harsh, maybe even un-American? It shouldn’t. The Founders, remember, originally reserved this right for property owners only. They wanted their precious republic to be entrusted to people with real investment and real skin in the game— not hangers-on, riff-raff, panhandlers and community organizers.

Try to imagine what James Madison and Thomas Jefferson would have to say about the national role reversal that is occurring lo these many years later in their beloved republic. Takers wagging the makers? I’m not sure much of it would be printable.

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Mullen editJeff Mullen is a pastor and patriot. He began ministry in 1989 and in 1995 founded Mega Church, Point of Grace Church in Waukee, Iowa and is also politically engaged in the community. He is a musician with extensive recording and performing experience and is a dynamic, humorous communicator. Jeff is also an avid shooter and enjoys a good hunt. He’s been married been married since 1989 and has two amazing daughters. You can connect with Jeff at or