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MOTHER NATURE’S A SERIAL KILLER: Python Loses Brawl with Florida Gator and Ends Up Breakfast

Parks officials in Florida have been fighting a losing battle to rid the Everglades of invasive Burmese pythons, not realizing that their secret weapon may be the state reptile.

A remarkable photo posted on the Facebook page of Everglades National Park Monday depicted a death match between a massive gator and a python – with the former coming out on top.

The picture of the tenacious reptile devouring its slithering opponent was accompanied by a post offering some information about the battle between the two critters.

According to the message, earlier this month park staffers were contacted by resident Steve Greene, who reported ‘another “Gator and Python incident.’

The eyewitness told officials that as he was heading to Royal Palm, he spotted an alligator thrashing around.

‘The gator was moving fast and very determined to get under the bridge,’ Mr Greene reportedly said.

Parks officials explained in the Facebook post that the Burmese python is an exotic, invasive species that doesn’t belong in the Everglades.

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