THE NEW CREEPY ASS OBAMA PORTRAIT: It Dwarfs Washington and Lincoln’s and Prints Are $100,000!

Published on December 17, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.44.53 AM

Rick Moran called the hanging of a huge Barack Obama portrait at the US Embassy in London the “Creepiest Obama story yet” yesterday. But it gets worse. Check out the size and placement (hat tip: Weasel Zippers) of the portrait, a tapestry by renowned Chuck Close, a government-approved (National Medal of Arts winner) artist. Ladies and gentlemen, we are well into Dear Leader territory.

That’s right, the portrait of The One We Have Been Waiting For is larger than Presidents Lincoln and Washington, who flank him, almost like apostles. The visual message declares that their significance is that they paved the way for the Lightworker. Was there nobody in the London Embassy able to understand how grotesque this is? Or were people siomply too afraid to speak up?

Here’s the kicker:

“The tapestry is one of 10 that will be made available for sale (at $100,000 each) as part of a fundraiser supporting the Obama Victory Fund.” [italics in original]

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