Ping-Pong: Our Short-Attention-Span President

Written by Rob Morse on December 20, 2013

Obama hopped from one side of an issue to the other so often my neck is getting sore as I try to follow him. We have a ping-pong president. There are many examples.

Ping. We were told that jobs, yes J- O- B- S, were a priority. “We have to get America working again.” Obama and Biden promised to focus on jobs until the economy recovered. That promise didn’t last long. The Obama administration raised healthcare taxes on employers, increased EPA regulation of businesses, raised energy costs for industry, raised taxes and destroyed the ability of banks to make business loans.

Pong. Today we have fewer Americans working than any time in the last 34 years despite the influx of women into the workforce. I guess Obama was for jobs before he was against employers who create them. It sure looks like politicians hear special interests louder than the unemployed.

Ping. Our president said energy independence is important. The energy sector creates jobs as oil, gas and coal are extracted, transported and refined. A domestic energy supply helps decrease costs for consumers and makes all of us richer. Unfortunately, oil, gas, coal and nuclear power are hated by Obama’s green donors. Instead, Obama funded solar and wind. Obama even waved environmental restrictions if the green energy project had the right political connections.

Pong. “Green energy” delivers a few percent of our electrical needs while oil drilling is stopped on federal lands, and permission to build new pipelines remains on indefinite hold. The Obama administration was for energy independence until his green donors complained and he was against it.

Ping. Liberty loving liberals want to rein in government. No more government harassment. No more government spying on minority or religious groups. No more abusive and violent police raids for victimless crimes. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly were hallmarks of liberal politics.

Pong. Now they are useful talking points about a bygone era. You can have some freedom unless you’re a member of the press, an ordinary citizen who uses e-mail or cell phones. You can have some freedom unless you’re a member of a conservative subversive political group. Voter integrity organizations are now considered subversive political groups. The Obama administration was for limited government and privacy before they were against it.

Ping. Obamacare was supposed to make healthcare better, cheaper, and portable. What is not to like! In order to achieve its goals, Obamacare made people buy things they don’t want and can’t use, like making young men buy maternity care. The same government that runs the IRS and the Post Office will now stand between me and my doctor.

Pong. Government regulation increased costs and drove people off the healthcare plans they wanted. They were for affordable healthcare before they were against it.

I don’t want to go on and on with too many examples, but I want to show you the problem is widespread. Obama is for limited immigration if you happen to be a home schooling German couple, yet he is for open borders if you’re a pregnant Mexican. I guess some companies need cheep labor and some politicians need cheep votes. Obama is for marriage between a man and a woman.. when he’s not against it. Obama wants a level playing field for income and investment, but passed legislation allowing federal politicians to engage in insider trading. I could go on and on, but my neck is getting sore from all this back and forth on issue after issue.

Some liberal apologists may say I’ve oversimplified the record. Apologists for the president say there are many political forces at work, not simply the President. I disagree. The political issues involved are simple. It is the elaborate lies that are complex and hard to follow. Don’t expect clarity from the cheerleading media either.

I think the record is clear. Liberal politicians were for the people before they were against them.