For The Sake Of Free Speech: I AM PHIL ROBERTSON

Written by Audrey Russo on December 22, 2013

By now…unless you live in a cave and under a rock…you know about the actions of the A&E Cable Network toward patriarch of the fantastically successful reality TV show, Duck Dynasty. They put Phil Robertson on an “Indefinite hiatus” after his honest remarks came out in an GQ magazine interview.

In Phil’s comments, he simply paraphrased a passage in the Bible explaining where he thinks the culture is going awry…then stated that he couldn’t understand how a man could prefer a man’s anatomy to a woman’s. But he made clear that those were his personal views, and that it’s not his job to judge whether someone is going to heaven or hell, because “that’s the Almighty’s job.”

Upon learning of Phil’s statements, A&E wasted no time in its judgment and sentence…

Was this knee-jerk reaction correct on the part of A&E? Not if you value free speech and the First Amendment.

Aahh…but some have said that A&E is not the government, so it’s not a violation of free speech.

But I say, au contraire…it is indeed an issue of free speech…

The government, via this administration, has endorsed the homosexual lifestyle, declaring it viable, therefore creating a milieu, and that has emboldened the Progressive media …who is already predisposed to liberal ideology…and therefore, the Constitutionally protected speech of Christians is being violated.

Under this President, in particular…the nod has been given to openly despise anyone who espouses Biblical beliefs, if they happen to be in opposition to  Progressive beliefs/agendas.

Obama has:
— Endorsed same-sex marriage
— Lifted the ban on Gays serving openly in the military (i.e. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell)
— Appointed openly homosexual athletes to the 2014 Olympic Delegation
— Encouraged Illegals, in the homosexual lifestyle, to bring their partners into the country

All of this has made it extremely difficult for anyone with religious views in opposition to this pro-homosexual position, to exercise their free speech on the issue.

Every time “we the people” are presented with this violation of our First Amendment rights, and we do NOTHING to stand against it…the erosion of our liberties continues …till our Liberty is no more.

For the sake of Free Speech, it’s time for us ALL to declare: I AM PHIL ROBERTSON.

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