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IS SANTA A BROTHER OR A WHITE DEVIL?: Critics Hammering Megyn Kelly for ‘White Santa’ Comment

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Megyn Kelly has sparked a new round of backlash after defending her on-air comments about Santa’s ‘verifiably’ white skin – though she did admit her assertion that Jesus was also Caucasian is ‘far from settled.’

Kelly, 43, took a sick day Thursday but returned last night in full force to hit back at her critics who ridiculed her for declaring that ‘Santa is white,’ and that Jesus was also a white man on her Fox Network show.


The comments came during a debate about a Slate article written by Aisha Harris who suggested a more inclusive festive icon – she proposed a penguin – become a new symbol of Christmas cheer for children.

Kelly devoted a significant portion of Friday’s The Kelly File to defending herself and her comments, saying that the real debate – whether a more inclusive Santa should be created – was lost due to the storm of controversy.

She claimed that the segment was intended as a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek discussion but that the humor was lost on some of her detractors. 

‘Humor is part of what we try to bring to the show. Sometimes that’s lost on the humorless.’

Kelly’s aggressive stance only added fuel to the fire Saturday.

Journalist David Badash penned a column for his news and opinion site The New Civil Rights Movement, attacking Kelly’s comment about Jesus’ race not being a settled matter.

‘Actually, it really is settled. But just like climate change, even if perhaps one per cent of the world’s population disagrees, a settled fact is “far from settled” at Fox News,’ he wrote.

The founder of the online journal also took issue with the anchor’s claim that her assertions were tongue-in-cheek.

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