Sasha And Malia Get A Pass, But America Gets Punished With An Illegitimate Affirmative-Action Baby

Written by Donald Joy on December 31, 2013

I’m not a very good Christian, but even a backslider such as yours truly can observe and comment on the sick sacrilege of having a president who professes to be a Christian (Jeremiah Wright has gone on record saying Bathhouse Barry never really converted), yet speaks and acts as if he’d have taken the Virgin Mary straight to Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s chop-shop upon learning of her “condition” related to her “reproductive rights.”

Well, if it would’ve been fine and dandy, in the Democrat playbook, to have Jesus Christ Himself aborted, what would be the big deal about Barry Soetoro (or whatever his name is) being given some kind of removal/termination treatment, too, like yesterday?  Oh, I forgot for a second–not all mistakes are allowed to be “taken care of” thusly–only certain kinds of “mistakes.”

It’s generally accepted that America’s worst sins and mistakes include the historical injustices of slavery and deprival of racial equality, and that various redistributive “social justice” and “civil rights” programs are the way forward; the way to make reparations and compensate blacks as a race for their disadvantaged collective position in our society, and so on.

The overall attitude is that whites carry a legacy of group responsibility for the general situation of blacks, and therefore must endure, without much complaint, all kinds of costs, inconveniences, and even rampant crime and violence in order to demonstrate a good-faith willingness to share in the burdens and plights of those experiencing residual effects of past oppression, as a polite way of putting it.  Incidentally, black professor Shelby Steele and others have noted, essentially, that maintaining such an attitude and paradigm basically keeps whites in the role of responsible parent, with blacks as dependent children, always looking to whites for the solution to their betterment…

So millions of white liberals voted for a charming, utterly unqualified, and grossly dishonest anti-American for president, twice, out of both a sense of ethnomasochistic penitence, and also out of the hope that electing and supporting such a fraud would prove their charitable philanthropy and their trans-racial benevolence.  The inauguration and presidency of Obama, like all affirmative-action programs, was supposed to show how far America has progressed from the bad old days, as well as help to somehow prove that alleged good intentions and “storybook”(as the Great Cornholio, Joe Biden, put it) smooth persona could trump actual character, qualifications, and ability.

It has all backfired, and badly.

For one thing, the Democrat brand is in a death-spiral, public opinion poll-wise, due to the lies, failure, and regulatory nightmare of “The Affordable Care Act,” Obama’s signature achievement.

With our country’s economy still crippled, in part, from the calamitous, far-reaching effects of Obama’s (as one of ACORN’s attorneys) mid-1990s lawsuit against CITIBank, which wound up forcing them and other major banks to engage in affirmative-action mortgage lending under the Community Reinvestment Act, leading, in part, to the eventual disintegration of all prudent standards throughout the entire financial industry, we still have this tap-dancing charlatan up there jabbering and jiving about “income inequality” and “affordable this, affordable that” as if freedom were a bad word.

America was supposed to be about the liberty of the individual to succeed or to fail, free from some heavy-handed, so-called authority picking winners and losers.

In keeping with that ideal, Americans in general came to accept that the wrongs of slavery and Jim Crow had to not only be ended, but that certain measures be undertaken to make up for opportunities having been denied generations of blacks–never mind it being almost impossible to find a black person in America who’d willingly trade places with someone in Africa.

The unfortunate fact is that we (I mean we as a whole country, not we who did not and would never vote for Obama) have elected someone who is provably a criminal fraud of the worst kind, far worse than even Bernie Madoff, in order to punish ourselves collectively, as the white majority, for the American “birth-defect” of slavery.  Melanin and smooth-talk were the only things that really mattered to the majority of voters, or vote-machine-tabulators, depending on whether you trusted the electoral outcome–what with hundreds of precincts in places like Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Miami registering not one single vote for Romney last November.

We now have one-sixth of our entire economy, the health care industry, being destroyed before our very eyes due to our suicidal indulgence in an allegedly “affordable,” affirmative-action, “health care justice” collossal fraud which no society on Earth can long afford.  Obamacare is a malignant cancer upon the land.  Doctors are jumping ship en masse.

Race relations are worse than they were before any of us had ever heard of Barack Obama, and millions of jobless Americans cast their weary eyes toward the horizons and the crowded public spaces, wondering when and where the next attack will come, even as their every phone call and email is tracked and logged by those whose job it was supposed to be to protect us from the likes of those now in power.

We need to stop punishing ourselves, stop aborting our sacred future, and impeach the heathen socialist bastard.  Yesterday.

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.