White House Connections? Obama’s Illegal Uncle Omar Gets to Stay

Written by Jeannie DeAngelis on December 4, 2013

A trait that seems to be intrinsic to the Obama family blood line is flouting the US Constitution and defying the law. The Obama genetic propensity is undeniable: if you don’t like the rules, ignore them and do what you want.

In fact, President Obama, who makes things up as he goes along, may have inherited his carefree style from his father’s brother Onyango “Omar” Obama who came to the US illegally 50 years ago, was deported several times, but decided to stay.

Now, Framingham package store manager Omar, after ignoring numerous deportation or removal orders and despite being arrested for a DUI, has been granted dispensation by a federal judge to apply for US citizenship in five years.

The judge’s decision was based on a federal immigration law that allows people who have lived in the United States since prior to 1972 to apply for residency. Other than driving drunk, being in America illegally, and ignoring deportation orders, Shapiro ruled that Onyango “Uncle Omar” Obama is a man of good moral character, pays taxes, and meets the criteria for legal permanent residency.

For greater context, it’s interesting to note that Omar is the half-brother of the president’s late socialist polygamist/alcoholic/womanizing father and the brother of the president’s Aunt Zeituni Onyango. Zeituni also avoided deportation in 2010 and currently lives on welfare in a Boston housing project.

In August of 2011, Uncle Omar was partying in the Chicken Bone Saloon. Afterward, while tooling along in his white Mitsubishi SUV, he blew through a stop sign and nearly rammed into an unmarked vehicle driven by a police officer named Val Krishtal.

Officer Krishtal said that he noticed that Obama had “red and glassy eyes, slurred speech, and strong odor of alcohol and appeared unsteady on his feet.” Lest we forget, Omar’s brother, Barack Obama Sr., after losing both legs driving drunk in one car accident, lost his life at age 46 in another drunken-driving accident.

Krishtal said that after being pulled over, Mr. Obama, in true Obama fashion, became quarrelsome. According to the police officer: “The male would not allow me to speak and continued to interrupt me … I explained to him that I narrowly avoided striking his vehicle, and he told me that he did not hear my tires screeching, so I was not being accurate. While he spoke with me, he kept leaning away from me.”

At first, Mr. “good moral character” Onyango exhibited another family trait of stretching the truth and denied having imbibed any alcoholic beverages at all. Then, he changed his story and admitted that he did originally say Americans would be able to keep their health care insurance plan and keep their doctors.

Wait! Wrong Obama.

With a blood-alcohol level of 0.14%, well above the state’s legal limit of 0.08%, this Obama finally confessed that he had lied, was promptly taken into custody, and was held without bail on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer. In response to his arrest, Omar said, “I think I will call the White House.”

Although Onyango Obama is believed to be the “Uncle Omar” that President Obama makes reference to in his memoir, Dreams From My Father, just as he did with radical friends like Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko, “My Brother’s Keeper” Obama continues to deny that he even knows his father’s brother.

Despite the president’s insistence that he has never met Mr. Onyango, Barack’s uncle maintains to this day that the two have a relationship. The newly-minted green card owner insists that in the late 1980s his nephew Barack lived with him for three weeks while the future president was a student at Harvard Law School in Cambridge.

But after all is said and done, it doesn’t matter who Uncle Omar knows, because after a fierce two-year fight to remain in the United States and after dropping his famous nephew’s name yet again as he reminded U.S. Immigration Judge Leonard Shapiro, “I do have a nephew. He’s the president of the United States” – apparently Uncle Omar is here to stay, just like Aunt Zeituni.

In the end, Uncle Omar really doesn’t need Barack Obama Jr.’s help, because although his nephew denies even knowing him, the Kenyan national may have an unlikely advocate in House Majority Leader John Boehner.

Coincidentally, right about the time Uncle Omar was granted permanent residency by a federal immigration judge, it seems Mr. Boehner was in the process of hiring a new staffer in charge of immigration policy named Rebecca Tallent. John Boehner hiring a woman who has significant experience in drafting immigration legislation and pushing for reform, signals that the Speaker supports a pathway to citizenship.

That’s why when John Boehner holds the immigration reform votes that he swore he was delaying until 2014, he can divert attention from his vacillation on the issue by embracing Barack Obama’s Uncle Omar as the type of upstanding illegal that bipartisan Republicans believe are deserving of amnesty.

Image: Courtesy of; http://globedia.com/barak-obama-grano-culo

Jeannie DeAngelis
Jeannie DeAngelis, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island, is a wife, mother and grandmother to three grandsons. She has written for politically-themed articles for conservative websites like American Thinker and Breitbart, emphasizing current events as well as the full range of liberal hypocrisy in politics and Hollywood, and pro-life issues. Jeannie publishes a blog at www.jeannie-ology.com.