WHY WOMEN CHEAT: The Top Five Reasons for Women Seeking Affairs Revealed

Published on December 4, 2013

Wearing socks during sex and dirty talk in the bedroom are just some of the reasons that women cheat on their husbands.

Victoria Milan, a dating website that helps people find extramarital affairs, surveyed more than 4,000 women to uncover the top five bad habits that lead to infidelity.

Being ungentlemanly (stealing the sheets at night) and narcissistic (only pleasuring one’s self, rather than their partner) are among the bad habits that contribute to women’s extramarital behavior, the website says, as well as an overall lack of good sex.

Approximately 65 per cent of those surveyed say that they would be less likely to cheat if their man committed fewer of these bedroom crimes.

Unsurprisingly, 81 per cent said that they are more sexually experimental with their lovers than their spouses.

‘Little things like stealing her covers, keeping his socks on while making love, or checking the dreadful smartphone,’ are all ungentlemanly gestures that turn women off, reads a statement issued by the site.

Another bad habit, being narcissistic, entails when men ‘focus too much on the things only they like in bed,’ and leave their partners in the cold. ‘These men are more likely to ask [women] to do things to satisfy [themselves] and fail to return the favor,’ the site writes.

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