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THE ANTI-GUN GIRL SCOUTS: Girl Scouts Condemn Open Carry at Their Events

Not liberal enough for the Girl Scouts? Texans who support gun rights, rights many believe to be God-given, may have cause to wonder.

A KDFW Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth story featuring a photo of two gun rights activists posed with Girl Scouts and another adult working a cookie sale table originally described the organization’s initial reaction as follows:

North Texas Girl Scouts are firing back after a picture taken of some Scouts and guns went viral.


The picture from Facebook shows two adults carrying guns, posing with Girl Scouts selling cookies in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The adults are part of the gun-rights group, Come and Take It Texas, which held an event in Fort Worth over the weekend.

The local Girl Scout council responded to the controversy, saying, “A Tweet featuring adults with firearms at a GS-TOP Cookie Booth posted on January 26 has recently gone viral. Our council did NOT know about this. We did NOT endorse this.

Girl Scouts is not a political organization and we do not advocate on any position. Further, neither girls nor volunteers are allowed to promote another organization in their role with Girl Scouts. When working in an official capacity, both girls and adults are to uphold the Girl Scout Promise and Law in all they say and do.”

In response, Come and Take It Fort Worth activist Kathy Perkins, offered these comments:

I would like to first state that Fox News needs to interview people before you report the news because our group is not Open Carry Texas. Our group is Come and Take it Fort Worth. Please correct your mistake.

As to the picture, everyone can see that the young ladies and their mother in this picture were smiling and happy and not feeling threatened at all by our presense and open carry of our firearms. Why? Because we are responsible, kind, pleasant, law abiding citizens just out exercising our right and people who saw us could testify to that, to include the Fort Worth PD.

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