BURPING QUEEN: Jodie Parks Belches As Loud As A Jet Engine

Published on January 22, 2014

When Jodie Parks burps, people listen.

They can’t avoid it. In 2008, she was declared the loudest female burper in the world with a belch officially measured at 104.75 decibels by Guinness World Records.

She lost the title in June, 2009 when Elisa Cagnoni burped 107.0 decibels.

That was just a hiccup for Parks.

“I did six burps and then they took the average,” she explained on HuffPost Live. “My loudest was 107.7 decibels, but I averaged out at 104.75.”

She also claims she’s burped louder.

“If I put the decibel meter at my mouth, I can hit around 128 decibels,” she said proudly. “That’s near the range of a jet engine or a rock concert.”

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