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Principle Matters: Chris Christie Should Resign

You can learn a great deal about a person by considering the sort of people that they associate with. Governor Chris Christie apparently thought highly of some very nasty people. He is responsible for the people he employs. Saying that he didn’t know sounds like the sort of excuses that his buddy Obama uses. Why is it that underlings always get fired for their failings, but our political leaders get away with simple apologies and claims of ignorance? Where does the buck stop? Chris Christie should resign.

It never ceases to surprise me when “conservatives” defend incompetent and corrupt Republicans while demanding accountability from Democrats for similar behavior. It leads me to conclude that their complaints about Democrats are based more upon power than principle. The same people that complain endlessly about Obama’s unprecedented expansion of government and executive power were silent when George Bush presided over the largest expansion of government since FDR. Where were the conservatives complaining about NSA domestic spying under Bush?

The mainstream media cheerleaders for Obama certainly are drooling over Christie’s failure and they are definitely giving it more coverage than any of Obama’s numerous scandals. The media’s blackout of Benghazi and the IRS scandal is evidence of their blatant partisanship.

While I would agree that Christie’s transgression does not approach the level of corruption that Obama has committed, it disturbs me to hear conservatives defending Christie on the grounds that “it’s not as bad as Obama.” It reminds me of a teenager defending lying about curfew violations and claiming that it’s not as bad as another kid arrested for shoplifting. Is there no right and wrong any more, or must we just settle for less corrupt from our leaders?

We need leaders that are honest all of the time, not just when it benefits them. We need leaders that are committed to our laws, our constitution, our freedom, and our God given rights. We need leaders that are responsible and accountable. A party or movement that is willing to compromise principle in order to gain power diminishes their own brand. Can you imagine Ford responding to a defective product by claiming that it’s not as bad as Chevy?

That is why I am more opposed to RINOs, progressive Republicans, moderate Republicans, incompetent and corrupt Republicans than I am Democrats. They destroy our brand identity. I know what the Democrats stand for. They stand for bigger government, income redistribution, more welfare, sodomy-marriage, more abortions, more regulation and control, less defense and open borders. They seek to “transform” this country into something more like France. They mock and resent those of us who cling to our God, guns and Bibles. They despise the values that God honors. They want to take our guns because they don’t believe in freedom. They reject the concept of truth. To them, it’s all relative. They think that truth and right are whatever the majority says it is. I know that about Democrats and the actions of a politician like Obama or Clinton do not surprise me, as much as I reject them.

I am surprised when a party that is supposed to stand for honesty, freedom and accountability defends corruption. I am surprised when a party that is supposed to defend the right to life compromises and allows some to be killed.

I was privileged to be able to hear Rush Limbaugh when he first began his radio career on a local station in Sacramento. I had a sense that he was going to be popular because he could articulate the conservative principles that most Americans held at that time. I’m not so sure that most Americans hold to those principles today. Back then, even Rush would fall into the trap of partisanship over principle. I recall a U.S. Senate election in California where Rush was defending a pro-choice moderate Republican named Ed Zschau over an old Marxist Democrat named Alan Cranston. I was working with the Christian Action Council at the time and we were encouraging Republicans to boycott Zschau because we wanted to make it clear to the GOP that the life issue is non-negotiable. I called Rush (you could get through in those days) to tell him that an old communist baby killer was preferable to a young one with an R after his name. Rush was apoplectic. I think that he might understand today now that he has seen the Republican Party destroy itself.

Chris Christie does not believe in the values and principles of the Grand Old Party. Besides employing some very nasty people who think nothing of abusing their power to burden the people, he supports abortion. Besides failing to supervise the criminals that he hires, he has no problem with rewarding law breaking aliens with in-state tuition rates. He supports sodomy-marriage, destroying a valued tradition upon which all great societies depend. Some Republicans are quick to come to his defense because they are under the delusion that he is the only one that can win. We heard that with McCain. We heard that with Romney. The truth is that Chris Christie is the biggest liability that the Republican Party has today. He must resign!

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Rick David

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.

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