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Demonstrated … Again … More Guns = Less Death

Contrary to popular belief being put forward by our mainstream media, this title is true. More guns mean fewer murders. Many of us just know this intuitively. It seems like common sense. If more citizens are carrying firearms for protection, then fewer criminals are going to risk attacking them. It’s much more dangerous to attack an armed person as opposed to an unarmed one. This is especially true when just a short drive away is a state that severely restricts its citizens from packing heat. Seems like a no brainer. Even a criminal can figure this out. Unarmed people are easy pickings.

Yet another study has just confirmed this belief. A respected Quinnipiac study has shown yet again this common sense truth (

I read the book More Guns Less Crime years ago where this same result was backed up by about a million statistics and charts. The states that have more people carrying are the safest in the Union. Many of the local liberals will disagree that all those facts are bologna. Guns spontaneously kill people all the time. Guns just shoot randomly. No human interaction is required at all. Guns are scary to look at. They are loud and they just go around shooting people. Everyone knows that…right? They must be eliminated.

Why are the places with the strictest gun laws murder capitals? Case in point, Chicago and Newark. Responsible people carrying weapons has a long history of keeping violent people in check. Is common sense really this uncommon? The statistics bear out even better for women in the states that carry more. Violent crime against women is significantly lower in states that have more ladies with pink 380’s in their purses!

I recently wrote a book about a man that carries a gun. He is put in that awful situation where he is forced to use that weapon in self defense. My main character is in church when a psycho attacks. I won’t tell you much more to not spoil the story for you. For a signed copy order one at

Since the book came out I have had several conversations with a variety of church members who carry a weapon in the house of the Lord. I’ve even come across a few churches that actually have private and voluntary “security” by its members carrying for the protection of the sheep. This is not openly coordinated by the church leadership as it would void their insurance. That is a well-regulated militia.

Sounds crazy? Where’s my Bible and my 9 mm? Sounds pretty good to me. People have been arming themselves in church since the Puritans ordered their members to come to church armed for protection against Indian attack during service. Safety has a long history of going hand-in-hand with prayer and weapons close at hand.

It’s nice to see another study back this up. Maybe after a couple hundred more the anti-gunners will believe it. More guns = less death.

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