DROWNING THEIR SORROWS: Americans Living in Democrat States Are More Likely to Binge Drink

Published on January 18, 2014


Politicians voting liberal can cause people to drink more, a new study has suggested. 

Researchers in the US found that as congressmen and women voted Democrat, the people living in their states began to drink more – specifically beer and spirits.

Possible explanations include the fact that liberals are more likely to rebel through drinking, sex, and drugs, to the belief that public healthcare – such as Obamacare – and social systems are more likely to pick up the pieces if their drinking becomes a problem.

Economists behind the study examined all 50 states from 1952 to 2010 and found that the results agreed with previous research showing that socialists in Russia were more likely to drink than their more conservative counterparts.

Researchers estimate that if the congressional representatives for Michigan – just over half of whom are Democrats – became as liberal as Vermont – where two thirds voted for Barack Obama – the population could be expected to guzzle an extra two gallons of beer per year.

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