ENTREPRENEUR: Teenager is Making Millions Posting Her Shopping Videos on YouTube

Bethany Mota is only 18-years-old but thanks to the wild popularity of her videos about shopping she’s more popular online than Vogue magazine and has her own national branded line of clothing and jewelry.

The Northern California teen is turning a hobby she started at 14 into a million dollar phenomenon before she’s even moved out of her parents house and it’s all thanks to YouTube.

‘Hi. I’m Bethany. I’m a Youtuber,’ she writes on one of her many social media accounts. ‘My viewers are my besties and I love them bunches!’

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Nearly five million people follow her YouTube channel.

Mota is so popular that teen-centric mall staple Aeropostale has branded an entire line of clothes and jewelry with her name.

The casualwear chain is hoping that teen girls across America who don’t already know her name will soon be wearing t-shirts and backless sweaters that bear the ‘Motavator’ label.

According to Business Insider, Mota began her march toward teen fashion domination after coming up against school bullying.

‘I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to leave my house,’ she said, and that she turned to YouTube as a ‘kind of an outlet for me to be myself.’

Despite her growing success, Mota is still largely an online celebrity as opposed to a red-carpet walking source of magazine gossip.

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