EVIL: Local Gov’t Reads Inspiring Report About 11yr. Old Cupcake Entrepreneur – Then They Shut Her Down

Published on January 29, 2014

An 11-year-old baker’s cupcake business has been shut down in Illinois.

Chloe Stirling, of Troy, makes about $200 a month selling cupcakes baked in her family’s kitchen, charging $10 for a dozen and $2 for specialty cupcakes, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

On Monday, the Madison County Health Department put an end to Chloe’s baking endeavor after a front-age article on the successful enterprise appeared in the Belleville News-Democrat.

“They called and said they were shutting us down,” Chloe’s mother, Heather Stirling, told the Post-Dispatch, adding that in order for Chloe to continue selling cupcakes, the family would need to “buy a bakery or build her a kitchen separate from the one we have.”

Amy Yeager, a health department spokeswoman, told the newspaper the county was only applying the law governing businesses that sell and distribute food to the general public.

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