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GOP Tells Church to Go to Hell (Sort of)

By Jack Gillies
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

It’s official! Liberal Progressives have officially infiltrated, and are in the final stages of hijacking, the party of Lincoln and Reagan to silence God-fearing social conservatives and the Tea Party while spitting on the Conservative Republican Platform. And all this happened hardly without a fight.

The Progressives are celebrating victory as they continue to roll over the hapless Republican Party leadership nationally, as well as in Broward County Florida. Not a shot was fired, barely a whimper was heard, just little white hankies with gay rainbows being waved in surrender by the meek leadership within the GOP!

Political Correctness has neutered the so-called conservative leaders into submission. The term “so-called” is being used here because they are NOT conservatives at all, they are liberal progressives. They think they speak for Republicans nationally, but they don’t. Is this arrogance or ignorance?

At just about every level, especially in Broward County, the so-called Republican leadership continues to ignore the Republican Platform by making hard lefts, compromising our principles and values, while chasing their failed “big tent” philosophy. How well did that work in the last two presidential campaigns?

The Republican Liberal Progressive “big tent” embraces un-Godly abortion and sexual deviancy, along with those that put America’s national security at risk, instead of energizing our “largest tent” in the land, the church. Are the LP’s trying to change the platform to mirror that of the immoral party on the left?

These RINO’s fail to recognize that the church cannot, and will not in mass, embrace candidates who support same-sex marriage and the killing of the innocent unborn, along with other issues that put our God-given freedoms and liberties at risk. But they continue to treat the church as if they were invisible.

There’s about 250,000 thousand registered Republicans in geographically small Broward County. As of late, the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) can barely pull 200 people into a room for their once a month meeting. Excitement, participation, and membership levels continue to shrink.

True Conservatives jokingly decline when asked if they’d like to join the BREC. Soon, all that will remain will be the “thug mafia “Log Cabin Club along with the LP infiltrators that go against the principles and values of our conservative party platform, such as same-sex marriage.

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Some studies have the median age of death of those who have “chosen” the homosexual lifestyle to be in their early-to-mid 40’s because of, but not limited to, suicide and a host of diseases. How many of those could have lived longer if we had tried harder in helping them out of a lifestyle that has zero scientific proof of ever being born into and goes completely against God’s design?

Where is the Republican leadership locally and nationally? Are they afraid to be called homophobic by the un-Godly, bully, homosexual-by-“choice” movement that is attempting to destroy our conservative party platform and culture of our great nation that was built on Judeo-Christian values?

Political correctness is killing us! Un-Godly homosexuality is now being celebrated for being “out-of-the-closet” but the political correctness gestapo tells the followers of the conservative platform to shut the hell up and get to the back-of-the-bus! And like it to boot!

My Tea Party co-founder continues to be attacked by the local (now national) “gay mafia” for her conservative viewpoints. Whether they’re sticking a video camera against the window of her home, hacking her Facebook account, or through the continued character assassination of her in the press, they are ruthless evil liars!

When and where did this begin? In the local “Liberal Progressive” Broward Republican Party? Recently a BREC board member used their BREC signatory to send out an e-mail asking people to wear red at our next monthly meeting in support of those who recently spoke out in support of same-sex marriage.

Fortunately, this drew the ire of some within the club since it went against our Republican Platform. One thing lead to another with the Chairman taking a soft stance trying to sweep the issue under the carpet instead of taking charge and handling it. Months have passed with motions being mis-handled by the Chair.

This is the same Chair who allowed the Log Cabin Club president to present, before the club, a plaque to the BREC inappropiate-e-mail-culprit board member . This is the same Chair that has stymied me in recent meetings from presenting a plaque to our club with quotes from our “conservative” Republican Platform.

Sept 30, 2014 – Paid for by LGBT Human Rights Campaign PAC. Ultra-Liberal Democrat Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, And Major Hillary Clinton Supporter, Capitalizes On Log Cabin Republican’s Working Against The Republican Platform In His Narrow Victory – Where Was The Republican Leadership?

It’s time for true conservatives (which includes the church and today’s Tea Party) to once again put on their armor, as they did during the Revolution of 2010, plus during Ronald Reagan’s reign, to save the Republican Party from their own demise! If not, the Republican Party might soon go the way of the Whig Party.

These shameless, compromising leaders within the GOP need help since they are way out of their league in handling these liberal progressives. Shame on the RINO’s for inviting them into our party while silencing the church voter, all in the name of their so-called “big tent”.

Soon to be continued… and would love to hear your comments.

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